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Movie Making - Windows

Started by Steve Trotter 20 Jul 2015 11:12am () Replies (11)


We are struggling with the movie making options on Chromebooks....

We do have some decent Windows devices though - does anyone have an iMovie equivalent for Windows? Happy if it costs - as long as it does the job! Finding Windows Movie Maker terrible - way too limited in file formats amongst other things.




  • Nathaniel Louwrens (View all users posts) 20 Jul 2015 11:15am ()

    Hi Steve

    What do you want the software to be able to do?


  • Barbara Reid (View all users posts) 20 Jul 2015 11:17am ()

    And what have you already tried on Chromebooks? 







  • KatrinaL (View all users posts) 20 Jul 2015 11:19am ()

    Hi Steve
    On Chromebooks you can try WeVideo

    WeVideo makes video editing easy for everyone and accessible from anywhere.
    Supports 8 languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Russian, Japanese and Arabic)

    - Three Editing Modes - to suit novices and experts alike: Storyboard, Timeline and Advanced mode
    - Connect to Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Google Drive & Dropbox to easily use photos, videos, music & graphics files already uploaded
    - Drag & drop media files in any order to assemble your story
    - Trim video clips to focus on key moments
    - Split long clips into smaller ones and re-arrange
    - Enter text for titles and captions in your native language (most languages supported, including - - Mandarin, Spanish, English, Arabic, Portuguese etc)
    - Add text, effects, music, transitions and more
    - Record voice-overs and video directly
    - Get creative with over 100 royalty-free effects & audio clips

    -Style your video using dozens of creative and professional Themes
    -Ensure creative consistency throughout your videos by applying a Theme

    - Publish to YouTube or Google Drive, and notify friends on Facebook and Twitter
    - Super-fast rendering speeds
    - Export 480p (SD) for free, with WeVideo watermark
    - HD Export 720p (HD) for $0.99, or 1080p (HD) for $1.99

    - Use Google Drive or WeVideo sharing to invite others to collaborate
    - Take turns editing or simply share each others’ clip libraries

    WeVideo adds a folder called "WeVideo" to your Google Drive directory. This folder will contain names of the WeVideo projects and videos you create.


  • Steve Trotter (View all users posts) 20 Jul 2015 11:23am ()

    I don't know what we want in terms of features - must be some many features that I do not know of!

    I guess intuitive software that can handle any (most) file formats, quick to process and do simple tasks - but alot of more technical options underneath that allow for customisation, green screen and manual editing.

    Probably want more than a 'choose a theme and let the software make you a movie' type software!

    As for Chromebooks, mainly We Video. On paper it seems so good, but never performs as well as I would expect. Maybe our Fibre Connection is to slow?

  • Mark Callagher (View all users posts) 21 Jul 2015 11:30am ()

    Hi Steve,

    Having explored various cloud-based movie-making options last year, WeVideo became the choice for student tasks on Chromebooks last year. It was the most suitable and certainly intuitive movie editing tool that I could find, and particularly met the need for the collaborative projects that we were after - as pointed out by Katrina. We did look at YouTube editor but it was far too simplistic. A number of the features Katrina mentions were unavailable to the students unless we contacted them and asked for an Education Licence for the approx 100 students who we lined up to trial it. Once you purchased the licences then the upload costs were $0. (the 1 year licence worked out at about NZ $5 per user). Note, the licences are transferrable between students, managed by your nominated administrator. Licences for larger numbers of students, ie whole school etc were also negotiable and cheaper.

    You do need good fibre and WiFi to use it, but it is fine if your infrastructure is well established....well it worked great for last year for full classes of 25-30 students on N4L/WiFi & Chromebooks. The benefit is, being cloud-based, the students can work on it from home if they wish, providing they have the capability.

    I know of a teacher at one school about to do an English NCEA task using WeVideo which I will be interested in tracking. Here are some links to documentary task descriptions and student work using WeVideo:

    Hope that helps and best of luck with your video creating.



  • Leigh Hynes (View all users posts) 21 Jul 2015 1:46pm ()

    Hi Steve

    I use Camtasia Studio which is expensive but very good.  A cheaper version from Techsmith is Snagit.  There is the free Snagit extension for Chrome, but I am talking about the paid software Snagit which is around $40 per licence  - once paid no other expense.

    There are lots of tutorials on the Techsmith site.  It is a while since I used it but it used to do the things I wanted.  Have a look, it supports lots of filetypes from memory.

    Hope this helps

  • Steve Trotter (View all users posts) 23 Jul 2015 9:44am ()

    Thanks for all the replies. We will give WeVideo another go. Have to admit we have only ever used the free version, so maybe some of the frustrations are coming in there.

    Will keep Camtasia Studio in mind for a back-up :)



  • Lynne Silcock (View all users posts) 23 Jul 2015 11:41am ()

    Hi Steve

    My son is really into movie editing and has used the free version of Lightworks  on Windows. Apparently this is the tool used to create the movie Braveheart (you gotta love Mel Gibson...)

    Suitability will really depend on your requirements but let me know if you want more info



  • Steve Trotter (View all users posts) 23 Jul 2015 11:47am ()

    Thanks Lynne, will download myself and have a play - Braveheart 2 in the making!

  • Luke (View all users posts) 23 Jul 2015 3:39pm ()

    Hi Steve, 

    Lynn's suggestion is a ripper. I have used Lightworks myself and it is very proffessional. Alternatively there is Wax http://www.debugmode.com/wax/ It is very simple and handles a few formats. But if you are after a free software that has ultimate power in all things video, games and 3d. You should download the latest copy of blender 3d. Its sequence editor can even handle motion tracking and object recognition. 




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