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Started by Fiona Taylor 16 Jul 2015 12:24pm () Replies (7)

Feeling very stressed by this. There seems to be little help, I did ask. I found the meeting confusing. Exemplars would be useful. 


  • Barb (View all users posts) 16 Jul 2015 12:36pm ()

    Hi Fiona,

    I gained ACET last year and it is a very full on exercise.  I am happy to share some of my portfolio if you think it will help.



  • kellyb21 (View all users posts) 16 Jul 2015 1:07pm ()

    I feel exactly the same.  I have seen two examples and they are completely different.  eg. one has some references to research and the other has none!

  • Megan (View all users posts) 16 Jul 2015 7:31pm ()

    Hi Fiona, Hang in there - it is full on and it seems quite harsh at times - esp when you work through the holidays! But it is worth it. The best advice I was given last year was to 'triangulate' everything ie pedagogy; data; practice - always showing clear and reflective links - and references to professional reading. I also found the Best Evidence Synthesis material invaluable - even just to get my head around how others write about educational issues. I don't actually have my ACET folder as I have already loaned it to someone else - but to be honest, without being given any feedback (whether we gained it or not, there was no feedback!) it is hard to know what parts of the portfolio made the grade and what bits possibly didn't - but on balance got a pass anyway ... such a mysterious process! Good luck :)


  • Barbara Ryan (View all users posts) 16 Jul 2015 8:38pm ()

    Great advice Megan!

    I did the same and also used the Best Evidence Synthesis material which I found a really useful tool to clarify my direction and thinking.You can request free copies of the booklets- they arrived in a couple of days. 
    I too have loaned out my ACET portfolio which was considered "exemplary" according to the brief email to say I was successful. I had no idea of this until I got the results in November and actually tried not to think about it after I had handed it in as to be honest I still felt confused about whether they would have time to read it in 30 minutes!
    Good luck Fiona, just work methodically through the criteria, check you have covered everything  and you will be fine!
  • Fiona Taylor (View all users posts) 16 Jul 2015 8:50pm ()

    Many thanks, this would have been useful advice at the portfolio meeting  or in reply to my  emails. Obviously a learning curve for everyone. Any examples of even some of it would be helpful.


  • Bryanna O'Regan (View all users posts) 16 Jul 2015 8:56pm ()

    Hi Fiona

    I remember feeling this way as well! I'm a teacher of the Deaf, in a secondary school, and wondered how a could fit into the criteria, alongside mainstream teachers.  All of the folios must have been very different!

    My advice is to calmly and carefully go through each section, choose best examples of your practice, and put these into your evidence.  My evidence was varied from parental feedback, student feedback, colleague references, photographs, video etc.  I used digital and hardcopy material, with a mixture of New Zealand sign language and English.

    Write a list of your strengths and ensure that they are showcased somewhere :+)

    Best of luck!

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