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Solutions Provider Companies

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Started by Rachel 15 Jun 2015 10:57am () Replies (6)

Hi everyone,

I'd like to hear more about the external support people have received, from solutions provider companies, as they move into using iPads. Particularly around volume purchasing of apps.

Any particularly easy and well supported journeys or particularly difficult ones?

Thank you :)


  • Claire Oram (View all users posts) 16 Jun 2015 9:28am ()

    Hi Rachel


    DTSL (Catherine Brill) and The Laptop Company (Adam Starr) are both great at supporting schools. Catherine from DTSL runs courses on specific iPad apps and both Catherine and Adam are very knowledgeable on what is required to work for school systems. When I worked at Special Education these were the main suppliers we used in Wellington.

  • Lisette Whitmore (View all users posts) 15 Jun 2015 6:40pm ()

    Hi Rachel,

    We use Noel Leeming- they seem to have an education team. They set up our i-Pads and showed us how to use Meraki. They also sell the chromebooks that the Y4-8s use.


  • grahamp (View all users posts) 15 Jun 2015 2:16pm ()

    smiley some providers are obviously on a low/ no salt diet. With regards to the specific questions around volume purchasing, this is now best achieved and deployed via VPP / DEP / MDM... if any one of these is not part of the formula then it will be time consuming for you. Configurator works for a small number (less than 50) and only if the iPads are owned by the school. If you have some owned by the school and some owned by the parent/ students .. and/ or lots of them, then an MDM is more and more important to maintain your sanity.  The configuration of the iPads via the MDM does allow many ways of setting up the iPads.. and yes, sound advice as to recommendations will come from exploring options, including talking to those who have travelled the path. There are schools now with hundreds of iPads being used... happy to point to some examples.. probably off line. Graham


  • Steve Lydford (View all users posts) 15 Jun 2015 1:17pm ()

    Hi Rachel

    Anyone worth their salt will be able to do what Graham points out, but there are many options of setting up ipads, lots of suppliers have lots of different preferred methods. I'd find a school who has it functioning well and go from there. There are a lot of issues with both Configurator and Meraki. Good Luck, take your time and do your research, so it's done right the first time. 
  • grahamp (View all users posts) 15 Jun 2015 11:31am ()

    Hi Rachel.... I am part of such a supplier.. but will try to give you some generic questions that you need answers around for any prospective supplier... 1. Are they an Apple Authorised Education Reseller. 2. Are they an Apple Registered DEP (Device Enrolment Program) supplier - do they have a Apple ID for DEP.. ask them what that number is. 3. Do they have MDM management experience (they need this in order to be able to enact the DEP programme. 4. Will they enable VPP (Volume Purchasing Program) for you....there is a start to filter out some suppliers... Graham




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