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How's it all going with your preparation for ACET 2015?

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Started by Leah 05 Jun 2015 9:40pm () Replies (9)


After attending the NZEI meeting last night - I was completely confused.... Going in, I really thought I was an exemplary teacher. After the meeting, I walked out thinking that I wasn't. Did anyone else feel like this?

I have created a lot of different projects in my school - I'm the head of ICT and have created MTV awards and a Film Festival (both up-skilling children and teachers in digital tech), I have created a walking school bus, developed a digital citizenship model for the school and other bits and pieces.... but I'm thinking that these innovations won't stand up in my portfolio because they aren't directly related to improving student outcomes in curriculum areas - is that true? I'm really lost... I'm also a bit sad because we can't put our portfolio in a clear file or a folder - bit annoying! 

I am grateful though - that we aren't competing against each other, and that we are all capable of getting the ACET allowance if our portfolios are up to scratch!

What does everyone else think of the 2015 process? Can we help each other?



  • MWT64 (View all users posts) 06 Jun 2015 6:54am ()

    Why don't you take the angle of how creating a 'film' or storytelling for your filmfest helps children.

    Children do not come up with a storytelling idea without writing or reading prior. So it has to improve their achievement/engagement somehow? 

    Go down that path. 

    Of course you are exemplary teacher! The things you have done shows that. I am sure most of us are feeling a little insecure. You just have to break your achievements down to how it is really helping the kids.


  • Joy Kitt (View all users posts) 06 Jun 2015 4:56pm ()

    I agree. I won an ACET last year...but nearly didn't apply for the same reasons as you. So the way i saw it was that your activities don't have to make a direct impact but you wouldn't do them if there wasn't some impact on the children either directly, via the school environment, introducing opportunities, supporting your colleagues to make an impact on their students, etc. i feel strongly that this is a time when you have to just throw everything at them. Make sure you have eveidence that supports you? You may need to 'manufacture' evidence!! By this i don't mean write positive emails to yourself!! But ask parents or colleagues if they would mind sending you an email where they write their comments rather than just telling you verbally. Then take a screen shot of it so the panel can see it is genuine. Don't give up on this opportunity. You have to do it for yourself. Be your own cheerleader because sadly no one else will....and you are working too hard to miss out. 



  • Sarah Cobbum (View all users posts) 06 Jun 2015 6:44pm ()

    Hi Leah- I think I attended the same session as you last Thursday and I walked away feeling quite confused. I think the key message go lost is that 'improving student outcomes' doesn't have to be curriculum related nor data driven.You might link you ICT learning experiences to the Key Competencies (if you are primary- not sure about secondary) Like Joys says, actively seek some feedback from people who have been directly involved with the process of up-skilling in digital tech. This will become your evidence.

    Use the snipping tool to snip and add bits of emails, docs and use it to take the relevant sizes. 

    Sarah C

  • Cas (View all users posts) 07 Jun 2015 8:03pm ()

    Some of the 2014 successful applicants were asked if their portfolios could be kept for others to look at.  Has anyone seen any of these at the meetings so far, or is there a place we can view them?  I went to my first meeting last week and there was a successful applicant who shared her portfolio (very briefly).  I thought I would share what I saw of hers and maybe others could do the same.  She had:

    Messages from parents thanking for her things

    Previous appraisals and teaching inquiries

    List of maths resources she had ordered because she used them as part of her inquiry

    Pieces artwork as her inquiry was about motivating children in maths through art.

    Emails from colleagues thanking for sharing ideas or coming to observe something

    Page from modelling book - to show how they were solving problems based on a professional development

    Reading levels from her class for first half of year to show progress

    Photo of a parent and child looking at something in the classroom (family links)

    Homework that a family created together (family links)

    Emails to a parent arranging time to read with the class

    Book made at home that was shared at school.

    Parent responses after student led conferences

    Observation notes of PRT

    Written feedback to student teacher

    Email from ex-student teacher saying that they had got a job

    Team meeting minutes showing that she had shared something with the team

    Photo of students using ICT

    Samples from a blog

    Boys attitudes to writing - record of the boy's responses.

    Of course this all had to link to what she was doing, so it is hard to understand why she included some things when you don't know the context (unfortunately she didn't share what she wrote, just the list of evidence). 

    There were also several people who were unsuccessful last year and trying again.  One lady I spoke to said that they were happy with most her sections.  In some sections she did great things but  she needed the evidence to back it up.

    Last point, the NZEI guy said that there is not a full co-hort this year, yet he also said that there are 600 people submitting.  There are not 600 places available or are there?  What have others heard.

    Hope this list is helpful to others.


  • Janene Maloney (View all users posts) 07 Jun 2015 8:25pm ()

    Hi Cas

    My understanding is that the 2014 portfolios that were kept, will only be used as exemplars to support the panel with evaluating the 2015 portfolios. They won't be available for 2015 applicants to view.

    In regards to your final query, my understanding is there were 336 successful applicants last year and will only be capped at 800 teachers who will hold the ACET recognition. This leaves only 464 available for 2015. If there are up to 600 people submitting this year, I assume that maybe some teachers have had changes in their circumstances and no longer qualify under the criteria.

    Cheers, Janene

  • Leah (View all users posts) 07 Jun 2015 8:42pm ()

    Hi - thanks for that - I think I have most of those things as evidence actually.

    About the positions, we were told (and it's in the NZEI video presentation) that everyone who has been asked to submit a portfolio, is capable of gaining ACET if their portfolio is up to scratch - so no one is in competition with each other - it's just up to you to add in everything that they're wanting to see!

    Here's the link to the ACET presentation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=sf0JOeONDEU&app=desktop&noredirect=1

  • kellyb21 (View all users posts) 10 Jun 2015 8:59pm ()

    I also walked away feeling pretty unsure about the whole process.  I'm finding it hard to get started as there's so little information on expectations of the portfolio.  We had two people with portfolios at ours but only got a chance to flick quickly through one.  

  • Sharon (View all users posts) 25 Jul 2016 10:05pm ()

    Hi, I'm still getting my head around ACET expectations & the cut-off for 2016 is fast approaching. I haven't kept or collected peer comments as I find that we as teachers automatically help a colleague or find stuff for parents as part of who& what we are. We are nurturing others and often neglect ourselves. I think a lot of being an exemplary teacher is just getting on with helping kids learn and reach their potential without waiting for the parade. Well... that helped!

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