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Expanding our digital tools

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Started by MrsB30 15 May 2015 2:16pm () Replies (12)

We've been fairy well resourced with digital tools since we opened nearly 10 years ago. We have around 5 desktop computers per class (iMacs) and the senior classes have one macbook air per class. About 3 years ago we bought in iPads - but just one per class. We're at a stage now where staff would like more devices. We've been holding off as we feel we need to get the pedagogy around the use of devices right first (which seems to be a common thread in a lot of these discussions!) I'm new to the role of ICT co-ordination this year so I'm sort of trying to find my way with the best direction to go in. I'm looking for advice on what steps I should take next. Should I start developing an e-learning framework for our school? Do we increase iPads or replace our desktops with Chromebooks? Or keep our desktops till they die? So many questions and I feel I am floundering a bit!! Also any schools in Auckland who might have myself and my Digital Collaboration strategy team co-leader visit to share you're e-learning journey? Thanks smiley


  • Lisette Whitmore (View all users posts) 15 May 2015 7:28pm ()


    I am at Bombay School, and we started one-to-one devices(BYOD) for our year 4-8 children last year. (Chromebooks) The year before that we had 3 class sets of chromebooks which were given to a one teacher from each syndicate who was keen to move forward and they had their PLG around learning with digital technologies. They were then able to mentor the other staff when it was rolled out last year.  This year the school has purchased iPads for the Year 4-8s as well.

    The Juniors have 6 iPads per room. We still have desktops that are slowly dying off too.

    I am not the leader in my school, so I would have to ask if the leaders would have time to share....I know they did heaps of visits too before we moved. I'm not sure if what we did is of interest to you. GOOD LUCK!

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