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My students want to create a website?

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Started by NicolaC 09 May 2015 5:45pm () Replies (8)


My year 4,5, and 6 students have asked to learn how to create a website. I've played around with different ways over the years but would love some current insight. 

I'd like to show their process of learning through our latest Inquiry. Somehow I would like a journey shown not a result. These are the features I'd prefer:

Video is easily added - I have many video clips of them debating, questioning, working together, thinking out loud etc and we use Explain Everything which I'd like to include.

Students can create the 'look' of it easily and contribute and comment, maybe create their own parts with different looks. Perhaps their opinions on an aspect can be recorded in voice as well as text?

Other things we use integrated easily eg Brainstorms, voice threads.....

We use Google Apps and have a 'Site' where students go for maths, Inquiry sites etc but I find it very linear and not visually appealing enough for this project.

Would really appreciate any assistance.

Thank you kindly





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