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Self Directed Learning in MLE

Started by Sarah Quinlan 08 May 2015 2:40pm () Replies (29)

Hi, I am currently doing an inquiry into self directed learning within a modern learning environment. I'm really keen to learn more about how students (particularily young ones) are encouraged to self direct and how this is effectively managed and controlled in an environment with large numbers. Any help or advice would be greatlty appreciated!


  • Cheryl (View all users posts) 25 May 2015 11:05pm ()

    Hi all,

    Sounds exciting reading your posts. I team teach with 50 year 3/4's with one other teacher.

    We are currently building new classrooms where we hope to be in next term. Meanwhile we are in relocatable rooms which are quite large with a door separating the two rooms which we took off so children can go between.

    We run groups/or workshops with one teacher whilst the other roams. Students have a license too like you Abbie which they earn once they show certain independent learning skills. We have laminated them and students wear them around their necks. These students can learn wherever they choose, they can move within the two rooms, they can go outside on the deck area and we know they are there as they have to put a magnet beside their name on the board. We have some students on temporary licences so they are students who we feel are showing these qualities but we need to be sure that they can sustain the skills needed to be independent.

    We are on a new journey with this and the students love the licences. We have must do mustards, may do mayos and catch up ketch up through the day and we did have independent timetables but we have since stopped these for now as it was a little early for this group of students but we will be working towards bringing that back in later in the year.

    Sounds like there are similar schools doing similar things which is exciting to know.



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