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Self Directed Learning in MLE

Started by Sarah Quinlan 08 May 2015 2:40pm () Replies (29)

Hi, I am currently doing an inquiry into self directed learning within a modern learning environment. I'm really keen to learn more about how students (particularily young ones) are encouraged to self direct and how this is effectively managed and controlled in an environment with large numbers. Any help or advice would be greatlty appreciated!


  • Charlotte Verity (View all users posts) 26 Jul 2015 11:34am ()

    Hi Elicia

    I am working in a collaborative year 3-4 class, with one other teacher/class in a traditional separate cell block.  We are part of a 5 class team, with the other three in another hub. Noise was an issue, especially in term 1, and given we are working in old style buildings with none of the MLE acoustic controls. We found it very noisy when we have both classes together, partly because of the increased numbers but also because some children weren't as able to self-manage (voice, sitting still etc) with the increased numbers. To this end, we have several students with Autism and other characteristics (dyspraxia, behaviour issues etc) - we found that this children often found it particularly tricky.

    What has helped us progress to a positive working noise level now:

    * Shared understanding of expectations for behaviour whether students are in a small or large group, and follow-through by both teachers

    * Focusing on the positive - those children demonstrating self management, and using lots of peer prompting

    * Rewards/consequences e.g. class points and reward when children settle quickly

    *Having a self-management ' mountain'  on class walls - children have a level and each level and move up/down when demonstrating more self-management

    *  A big focus on showing we care for others and ourselves (by managing our voice, things, showing kindness, working with others outside our friendship group etc) with weekly reflections on this


    We are very much on the learning curve though and I am always keen to hear strategies others are finding effective.  

  • Charlotte Verity (View all users posts) 26 Jul 2015 1:39pm ()

    Great idea re asking the students and focusing on 'What do we need to self-manage?' - we have tackled this and come up with: voice; body/moving around safely; tote trays; bags.

    We've also focused on 'How do we work together?' - ensuring we share our ideas; co-operate; look out for/after each other; ask questions/share our learning.


    Have fun, Char

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