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Self Directed Learning in MLE

Started by Sarah Quinlan 08 May 2015 2:40pm () Replies (29)

Hi, I am currently doing an inquiry into self directed learning within a modern learning environment. I'm really keen to learn more about how students (particularily young ones) are encouraged to self direct and how this is effectively managed and controlled in an environment with large numbers. Any help or advice would be greatlty appreciated!


  • Abbie (View all users posts) 08 May 2015 7:54pm ()

    We would love to hear the results of this inquiry!

    We have a teacher aide (until lunchtime for whole class purposes) cave teacher (small group teacher), action station teacher and 'learning support' teacher. We are a 3 teacher teaching team with yr0-3.  

    The action station teacher (works in the main room where most of the self-directed learning currently happens) runs the programme for students not having group/one on one teaching. 

    From 9-9.50 the action station runs a whole class programme with fruit and fitness in the middle and shared reading. A values talk is usually given at this time and sometimes a song. 

    Once action stations begin (about 9.50-lunchtime) students follow the action station board (a whiteboard with tasks depicted by words and symbols. Early finishers can do the can do activities (with a couple of exceptions). There are a few 'target' children who don't self-manage yet, and these ones are more closely monitored. The teacher aide is a part of this between 9.50 and 12.00 to provide support for the larger numbers. 

    Most of our new entrant/year one students have their group times timetabled for this first block so the action station teacher can ensure the older students are fully up and running.

    Students also have licences they can earn: seed, sapling, tree. Everyone begins as a seed. When certain qualities are displayed they can become saplings. They then have the option of working out of the main room e.g. in the corridor and old resource room. When further qualities are displayed they become trees. They can then work outside e.g. on the playground or just outside the door. They can take a sapling with them (but not a seed). They have the option of taking seeds/saplings with them into the corridor etc, provided behaviour does not become an issue. Students can lose their licences. Tree students can also do tasks in any order they wish, including do can dos before must dos.

    This is a developing programme as we just began this year. 


  • Abbie (View all users posts) 25 May 2015 9:24pm ()

    Dear Sarah, 

    I work at Tapanui primary school, Tapanui, West Otago. I'd be more than happy to talk to you about this, or could work via a Google hangout. If you email me at abbie@tapanui.school.nz we can work out further details. 


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