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Blogging Teaching as Inquiry as Appraisal

This year our staff are trialing using the platform Blogger to collect evidence through our Teaching as Inquiry. This is forming the basis of our Appraisal process.

We began collecting evidence, against the Registered Teacher Criteria, in a clear file a few years back and found that people were finding this too challenging, lots of pieces of paper and something extra to do, or they were running two systems, digital and paper. It seemed more about accountability rather than improvement!

We wanted a more meaningful process that was on-going and made a difference to our student's learning. There was also a lack of ownership of staff appraisal, it seemed it was being 'done to 'rather than 'done by'. There was also a lack of depth in our reflections and learning.

We are slowly developing this new appraisal process so not to overwhelm an already highly professional and hardworking staff, yet making this about what we do every day in the Hubs-improving student outcomes and driving our own learning!

Next steps:

  • Providing effective technological support to be able to create a blog and provide time to regularly reflect is our first goal.
  • Providing sharing time so people develop effective reflections and evidence against the RTCs, Standards and Tataiako cultural competencies.

 Any support, advice and resources would be gladly welcomed. Is anyone else using a digital platform to collect evidence?


  • Mark Maddren (View all users posts) 08 May 2015 11:39am ()

    Morena Michelle,

    Creating a template for a blog removes some barriers for staff as learning how to create a blog and bling it can be daunting. This means that staff are able to create their own blog url but upload a template that is pre populated with everything that is needed so staff can start posting.

    I have also found that to remove the barriers, the blogging app or easy blogger app are very good on your phone or tablet to upload content to a blog seamlessly. I love easy blogger you can take text, photo or video quickly and upload very fast from phone or tablet.

    Labelling your blog posts with the RTC's can make showing evidence must easier when you need to share your evidence.

  • Tessa Gray (View all users posts) 08 May 2015 3:28pm ()

    Yes great idea Mark, labelling blog posts with the RTC's or tagging these makes for some easy access on a quick glance. Stephanie Thompson showed us she makes these references when reflective blogging. http://traintheteacher.me/graduating-teacher-standards-e-portfolio/new-zealand-registered-teacher-criteria/

    Enabling e-Learning was lucky enough to have Stephanie as a guest presenter in the following webinar.

  • Michelle (View all users posts) 18 May 2015 10:05pm ()

    Thanks for the advice on easy blogger, a few of our staff are now trialing this with a Hub Blog.  

    We have started to label our blogs with RTCs so that is will be much easier to show evidence.

    I have yet to learn how to upload a template that is pre populated....my next learning step.

  • KimW (View all users posts) 20 May 2015 1:54pm ()

    Hi Michelle

    All our staff are using online forums for their inquiries this year.  Using either blogger, evernote or google docs. We have allowed some flexibility around this.  The great result of doing this has been that all our staff have shared their inquiries with each other so they can grown and learn together.  Their inquiry is no longer between me and each individual teacher but shared amongst each other which has been a really positive outcome.  We have been involved in the Teachers Council Workshops over the past few years, what is Evidence and  Appraisal of Teacher Project and there is some really helpful resources on their website:


    At this stage myself and my Deputy Principal comment on the teachers inquires.  We are hoping that now the inquiries are shared amongst all staff that they too will start providing feedback to each other.

    We also meet every fortnight for 30 minutes focused on our inquiries.  This assists to keep the momentum going and to support each other.

    Happy to share more of our  journey

    Kim Waite


  • Michelle (View all users posts) 24 May 2015 10:16pm ()

    Thanks Kim

    Our next step would be that all blogs are shared with everyone and that we provide challenge and encouragement using the comment boxes on each other's blogs.

    I love the idea of meeting every fortnight, this would be something to look at once everyone has set up their blogs and shared them with their colleagues. Love to hear how these develop at your school. We did give people some agency over which digital platform but we also mentioned that in 2016 we would be all using blogger. Most people have chosen blogger as a result of this.

    The latest comment is that it is another extra to do on top of everything else. To acknowledge this are trying to build in blogging to each team or staff meeting each week. Then everyone has a prompt to make a reflection on their teaching as inquiry.




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