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ipads locked with an icloud account

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Started by Heather Harper 04 May 2015 1:50pm () Replies (8)

i have two ipads that are locked with an icloud account that has been set up by previous users that no longer are around. We have tried all sorts of things but have no solution as it always comes back to requiring the icloud password.

Has anyone got any suggestions?


  • redbeard45 (View all users posts) 04 May 2015 2:15pm ()

    You need to get proof of purchase (hopefully you have better records at your school than one of the schoolʻs I am dealing with :-(  

    You will need the serial number off the back of the iPad (grab a magnifying glass unless you have good eyesight) and a copy of the receipt showing the purchase - try your retailer if you know where these were purchased. If you then ring Apple, (not in the right place to find the number but I think it is 0800 766 766  - someone will correct me) with the proof of purchase (has to have the serial number) they can remotely re set it. Trouble is with my case, the rescue email is unknown (obviously not a school one!), the previous user has tried all the passwords she knows, and despite our best efforts, with a change of management, the school canʻt find the receipt! 

    Dead iPads make great paper weights! :-(



  • Heather Harper (View all users posts) 04 May 2015 3:27pm ()

    Thanks Howard


    I will try and see if we can find proof of purchase. They were bought a few years ago so fingers crossed.

  • Phoebe Fabricius (View all users posts) 04 May 2015 3:03pm ()


    this happened to me recently.  I'm afraid you will have to find out who the last owner of the ipad was and they have to contact Apple and Apple will advise them to go on to icloud and cancel this particular device.  That is the ONLY way you can fix this problem.  Trust me, just been through it.

  • Heather Harper (View all users posts) 04 May 2015 3:27pm ()

    Unfortunately have done all this and those that they belonged cannot remember passwords...

  • Tara Fagan (View all users posts) 04 May 2015 3:34pm ()

    Have you tried resetting to Factory Default settings?  You will lose all the information on the iPad such as photos, notes and documents.  Any apps that were on the iPad and purchased under an iTunes account you have access to be be able to be reloaded.  

    To restore to Factory Default:

    - select Settings, General, Reset, Erase All Content and Settings

    Good luck.


  • redbeard45 (View all users posts) 04 May 2015 7:11pm ()

    But you canʻt get in to the iPad Tara to DO the reset - youʻre locked out until you enter the unknown password :-(

    And I beg to differ Phoebe - if you can prove proof of purchase, Apple has told me they will happily reset the device - but you need to have proof of purchase with the serial number. The previous user canʻt remember the password so we canʻt get into iCloud and cancel the device if we donʻt know the password??? Weʻve tried this route!

    Howard P

  • Michael Fawcett (View all users posts) 04 May 2015 7:24pm ()

    https://support.apple.com/en-nz/HT204306 have you tried booting into recovery mode? It should wipe everything. Scroll down on this apple support page to "Recovery" or try the other options if you think they apply.  

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