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School Visits

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Started by Steve Trotter 30 Apr 2015 4:11pm () Replies (7)

Hi all,

My school has planned for a great opportunity next term - a whole staff road trip to visit some schools :)

The big question has become...what schools?

We would like to find a school or 2 that...

  • Is embedding eLearning in a purposeful way (above the S in the SAMR model)
  • Is newish on their journey (not a school that went 1:1 five years ago and have ALL the answers)
  • Is a GAFE school - ideally using iPads and Chromebooks (not essential)
  • 'refitted' MLEs (not essential)
  • Primary school within 2-3 hours drive of Hamilton (essential)

Our aim is to get ideas for our next steps (medium term) not to be overwhelmed by 3D printers and lasers! We would love to see things that we could then transfer to our own classrooms - not come back and wish we had a million dollars!

If you work at a school that might fit the description - or know of one - I would love to get in contact :)




  • Linda Larsen (View all users posts) 30 Apr 2015 4:30pm ()

    HI Steve,

    We went to Kaipaki School and they have a new MLE as well. Steve Dunsmore is the principal.

    We at Te Poi are at the beginning stages and have remodelled a 1960's class to a more modern look.  We also operate with a mix of iPads and desktops. We are further on than the S in SMAR, with 2 out of 3 classes at the A & R stage.  we are one hour from Hamilton.  You are most welcome.


  • Steve Trotter (View all users posts) 30 Apr 2015 8:05pm ()

    Thanks Linda, will add these options to the mix :)

  • Lynne Thomas (View all users posts) 01 May 2015 8:46am ()

    Hi Steve

    Leamington Primary school in Cambridge would be worth visiting - nice and close. Here is a link to a story about their school we did last year.


    They have a strong vision for why / how / and what they are doing - The Leamington Learner. 

  • Hamish McLean (View all users posts) 01 May 2015 9:02am ()

    Hey Steve,

    Might want to come and have a look at our school.  Ngatea Primary School is only 50-60 min drive away.  Below is a video the students made about their learning last year.  (Things have changed slightly for 2015 for us... our Principal and D.P have been working hard on our 'Curriculum redesign' and recently came back from the Future Schools conference in Singapore)

    We are a GAFE school, and this year, use Chromebooks and iPads.  Run a 1:1 programme from years 5-8 and setup a Trust 4 years ago to help parents purchase/lease devices.  We are currently working with MOE and commercial construction company on a refit this year and next.  

    We certainly don't have all the answers, as every year we change how we do things.  Not a complete change, just tweaks and keep thinking how we can 'do it better'.  It all resolves around students and teachers as learners, and how we can enable learning better.    anyway.. here is a video that you may not have seen.  (we have a lot of schools come visit each year, and have pre organised dates that are available for school visits)


    Re: "not to be overwhelmed by 3D printers and lasers"

    We have started on our creating and making curriculum, but this isn't overwhelming.  In fact all it does is speed up the 'production' of things.  The prototype phase no longer needs students to produce wooden metal or plastic over 6-8 weeks, its instant.  Thats really the only change.  Which is exactly what technology should be used for...  



  • Christine Te Kiri (View all users posts) 01 May 2015 9:51am ()

    Hi Steve

    We here at Peachgrove Intermediate would love to invite you here - if we meet your needs because we know as an Intermediate we may not fit your age group however there are a lot fo thigns that we have learnt that may be good for your teachers.. 

    We are currently remodeling rooms and changing practice in MLE's. We are a new BYOD school with chromebooks being our flavour of choice (although we use whatever the kids bring). We have staretd the journey and are in the midst of change. 

    Let us know if you would like more setails etc....



  • Steve Trotter (View all users posts) 01 May 2015 10:38am ()

    Thanks Lynne, Hamish and Christine. So many great options, wish we had a week to visit 20 schools!



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