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Mim eee OOOOOO

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Started by Angela Sime 30 Apr 2015 10:52am () Replies (6)

Hi everyone

In the mid 2000's our school invested heavily in Mimio boards, however as with many other schools we are now moving in a different direction and I have found no teachers are really interested in using our mimos anymore.  What are other schools doing with this older technology?  We have just dumped two Smartboards that were coming up to 15 years old (believe it or not!!!!) however our mimos are in too good a condition (not brand new, but still usuable) to just recycle or dump?  Any ideas out there?




  • Roimata Baker (View all users posts) 30 Apr 2015 11:13am ()

    I met an awesome facilitator who was keen to pick up a smartboard to assist with workshops she ran for teachers.  She is based in Waikato.  How old is the Mimio? Let me know if you are still looking for a new home for it.  



  • Tessa Gray (View all users posts) 12 May 2015 3:48pm ()

    I might be on the wrong track, but could the access/set-up in the classroom make the world of difference when using interactive whiteboards? IE: Lower down the wall or flat on a table top surface for collaborative student work (the teachers don't have to use them).

    Example only...

  • Nathaniel Louwrens (View all users posts) 13 May 2015 4:24pm ()

    HI Angela

    Good question to be asking! I agree there must be ways to use or perhaps repurpose the Mimio's that you have.

    I'd be interested to know why they aren't being used. Is it because it is not the type of technology you are wanting to use in the school now, or is it that the teachers need some support to use them as some of them might not have used them before. (I'm not trying to assume anything here)

    Just some thoughts smiley



  • Angela Sime (View all users posts) 13 May 2015 4:54pm ()

    Tessa, thats an interesting idea ... and worth investigating.  Thanks for the video link, I will check it out.

    Nathan, its a mixture of both ... but our schools direction is GAFE, its hard to motivate busy teachers to do GAFE pd and Mimio PD.  

    It really guts me to see them sitting in our server room gathering dust ... so I am definately going to check out your idea Tessa.  Interesting to see there are not many responses.  I thought there were many schools out there who used Mimio and were purchasing around the same time as we were.  I wonder if schools are still using Mimio boards in class?

    Thanks for your contributions!


  • Tessa Gray (View all users posts) 15 May 2015 2:08pm ()

    Good questions for sure and it would be valuable to hear from other schools Angela.

    The Interactive whiteboards were the precursor to more collaborative, versatile, smaller, mobile technologies - and were often used as demonstrative/modelling tools. They're pretty large, hence my question about where they're placed. Wall mounted boards often meant the teachers used these, sometimes with their back to the group/class and shadows thrown from the projector.

    If we moved the board (even ceiling mounted projectors), maybe we could re-think:

    • Who uses the smartboard 
    • What curriculum goals/learning intentions can be addressed
    • What software will enable goals/learning intentions come to fruition

    EG: When planning lesson sequences, consider...

    1. Who is being been taught? (individual, group, class, priority learners) 
    2. What are they learning to do…EG: learning intentions (based on prior data gathering) We were learning to…(literacy numeracy etc)
    3. Intended valued outcomes (what they might look like once achieved) We wanted to achieve… 
    4. Planned and delivered interventions How might it look without the teacher…
    5. Appropriate Smartboard software used (how will these impact on the learning?) We used…and this resulted in..
    6. Ways to assess - valued student outcomes (what do these now look like, where can we archive and share these digitally?)
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