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BYOD at Wairakei | An Enabling e-Learning event

If schools are considering implementing BYOD, this can be a costly and major transition for all concerned. If the move is simply to implement ‘old ways’ with ‘new things’, then there’s clearly much more to consider, discuss and decide on, before embarking on this journey.

CORE Education’s latest Ten Trends give us an insight into ways technologies are influencing education for now and the future. These can easily provide some scaffolding for further thinking about why BYOD. One of the leading educational contributors, Derek Wenmoth recently added a post in the VLN on, 5 strategies for building a powerful BYOD classroom. In this post, Derek encourages schools to establish the ‘why’ of BYOD, something Wairakei School community has considered in depth:

Why choose a BYOD approach?

Enabling e-Learning (TKI) has dedicated a whole page on, Year 5/6 class BYOD trial at Wairakei School, where they embarked on a pilot with a clear focus on, “Universal Design for Learning (UDL) approach supported by digital technologies.” Here you’ll find a plethora of valuable resources outlining their BYOD approach, explanations about their drivers, technical and practical systems for setting up the pilot and ways to support and empower teachers, learners and the parents in this journey.

Setting up BYOD in the classroom at Wairakei School

Several more videos embedded on the page also highlight the benefits of the BYOD pilot, but if you want to know more first hand, come and join Kate Friedwald this Thursday, April 30th, 3.45-4.45pm as she talks to us about all the wonders, whys and wherefores of trialing BYOD at Wairakei School. Kate will also be joined by a representative of the Connected Learning Advisory (Te Ara Whītiki). Please feel free to bring your own BYOD stories to share during this webinar. REGISTER NOW

If your school is trialing BYOD...


  • What are some of your key drivers?
  • Who are your stakeholders and what have you done to include them in this process?
  • What would be your 5 strategies for implementing BYOD?


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