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New Entrants in a Year 1-4 MLE

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Started by Catherine Lynagh 22 Apr 2015 7:12pm () Replies (5)

Our full primary is opening up 8 single cell classrooms into two MLE spaces.  We will have Year 1-4 students in one space, and I am trying to envision how we will work with the new entrants.  I'd love to hear from other teachers in mixed-age MLEs.  Do your new entrants have their own area within the larger space?  Does one of the teachers in your team have primary responsibility for the new entrants?


  • Cheryl (View all users posts) 24 Apr 2015 8:57pm ()

    Wow! This all sounds pretty amazing. What is truly standing out to me is the importance of relationships. Being able to hold these children for a few years allows them to build strong reciprocal relationships with you (the teachers), parents and the children from NE through to year 4 or the other to year 2.

    I have started a journey of MLE and team teaching with a teacher and we have 50 year 3/4 students in 2 relocatable classrooms that are joined with a door which we took off so students could use both spaces. This environment is temporary whilst our school is building new classrooms in which the new rooms will lend itself to a more collaborative approach to teaching and learning and break out space for students to learn in. We have other teachers in our school who are starting MLE and team teaching in year 5/6 and year 7/8 as well as other teachers in our year group who are coming on board as well. We are looking closely forward as to how the environment and furniture enhances the pedagogy that encompasses MLE and how we can better suit our students learning needs within the 21st century. One of the important steps for us is reflecting on our journey and the process and educating and consulting parents along the way. I find that this MLE and team teaching approach allows us to teach and learn within our strengths and we have built a very strong relationship between us which we see as pivotal to making this work. 

    We are quite far away from our junior classrooms at the moment but we have the junior classrooms as our buddy classes. It looks as though the posts that discuss the relationship of the NE with the slightly older children work well and allow for break out time for them and times and opportunities to interact with the others in the afternoons. 

    Nice to read about other journey's and as I have just joined the VLN today, I am looking forward to learning from others and being inspired with ideas along the way.

    Best wishes on your learning journey! smiley

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