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Embedding Non-Google Content

Started by Grant Peacock 21 Apr 2015 7:24pm () Replies (9)

I'm hoping someone can shed some light on why the embed code I try to use in my GAFE site never work.  We dropped KnowledgeNet last year in favour of using GAFE but embed codes I was familiar with using and working in KnowledgeNet don't see to work using the iFrame or Embed gadgets in GAFE.

I've been successful embedded a padlet simply by copying and pasting the provided iframe code into the html of my GAFE site, however this doesn't work for other codes (e.g. Tagul, popplet).

Are others able to embed non-Google objects into a GAFE site? Perhaps there is an admin setting that is disallowing such content?  What's the difference between the embed and iframe gadget and simply pasting directly into the html code?


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