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Flexible Timetables

Started by Bronwyn Gibbs 10 Apr 2015 6:43pm () Replies (20)

Kia ora, I would like to implement a flexible learning timetable in my class. I'm trying to get my head around how this will work! I would love to hear from anyone with ideas, advice, how to's ....... Thanks, Bronwyn smiley 


  • Chris Meehan (View all users posts) 11 Apr 2015 10:11pm ()

    Reading Louise's last post, something which I have tried with Year 7/8 students to overcome time constraints and students who have difficulty managing themselves, is mentoring. During last year in a 2 teacher / 56 Year 7/8 students space, we found a small group of boys in particular, from Yr 7 who struggled to stay focused when presented with several days worth of 'stuff' to do.

    Both teachers talked about it with these children and suggested the idea of a mentor for each of them, who would help them to get tasks done and to organise their time. 

    Our most successful pair was a Yr 7 boy, rugby head, not really into learning, but prepared to give it a go - who was paired with a Yr 8 girl - whom he chose from a list of possible mentors. She was not a top A grade student (whatever that is!), but was a really hard worker and a bit bossy! Without fail, she would take time each day to sit down with the boy and go through timetables, his feedback from teachers and students, and to help him review and reflect on his own learning. Teachers were seeing his work output either face to face or through Hapara Teacher Dashboard, as well as in almost daily maths and reading group sessions.

    The year ended with the boy buying his mentor a cute necklace and bracelet which he gave her quietly (after getting advice from the teachers about how to do it!), and on the last day in floods of tears because he was going to miss her so much in 2015. It was a fantastic way to get a child really well motivated and into learning.

    It's worth a try.






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