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YouTube in Schools

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Started by Alice Keeling 10 Apr 2015 10:50am () Replies (5)

Hi there, I'm looking for advice around using youtube in a mixed BYOD and school-owned device classroom? I have found the information about 'Youtube in Schools' from Google but wondering what other schools are doing especially when students have their own GAFE google accounts and are working on their own devices and want to upload to youtube - say to publish on a blog. Can they work through their 'own' youtube account (does GAFE cover this) or do you still share a whole school or syndicate 'youtube' account that is not individually owned? 


  • Tim Harper (View all users posts) 10 Apr 2015 11:01am ()

    Hi Alice,

    some schools are using YT in Schools to restrict access.  I have heard that they are finding it a bit too restrictive and that they have to allow more content that they would have thought necessary.

    I do know that it is easily implemented with N4L filtering - once you have signed up with YT it is a quick easy job to set up the N4L filtering system to cope.  This will get around students having their own GAFE accouont as it filters the users in your school independently of their GAFE account.  The N4L filter also allows you to over-ride YT for Schools for specific users, groups or IP addresses too - thus staff can have access to all of YT and students can be locked to YT-S.

  • Monika Kern (View all users posts) 10 Apr 2015 11:04am ()

    Hi Alice,

    I guess different schools will operate differently but for me it's going back to one of the reasons why I would want to set up GAFE in my school - student ownership of their work. Now I'm assuming we are talking about sightly older students (y4+) that have a good understanding of digital citizenship. If they are writing their own blog, I think they should also use their own YouTube channel (I think that is something you have control over in the GAFE admin console but I would have to check). Later, when they are leaving school, they can take all their Google things with them via Google Takeout, and their blog can stay online, handed over to a new account. I would hate for their videos to disappear because someone in the future accidentally cleared out the school YouTube account.

    Just my 5c worth:)

    Cheers, Monika

  • Sharon Nolan (View all users posts) 10 Apr 2015 11:40am ()

    Hi Alice

    I agree with Monika here. But just to add to this. Why would this be an issue at all. Teachers are sharing and collaborating using a variety of mediums. Students generally are way ahead of the Teachers and can teach us a lot about this. I would actively encourage Students to use YouTube and in particular share this with their peers and Teachers to promote engaged learning.

  • Carol Kendall (View all users posts) 10 Apr 2015 5:07pm ()

    I work with Alice and this is something we're at a cross-roads with, and are wondering what others are doing. Up until now, teachers have uploaded to Youtube for the students, using an old account (SpringstonTube) that was created before we became a GAFE school. They sign in and then (hopefully) out on a school/class iPad or a personal teacher iPad. We weren't able to link it to a new account. We've tried putting videos into Playlists for different groups of students, or events, but this doesn't always happen.

    We are finding more and more students creating their own videos and it becomes a lot for teachers to ensure everything is checked - there are the digital citizenship issues as well as some need for a little quality control in terms of appropriateness. We do also value showing process, not just the end product, and we do want students to be confident about being creative and sharing their thinking and their work. We prefer open sharing and connections, not a closed, walled-in environment.

    Now we're considering creating a new School account for school videos, with a Master user - obviously that has implications for who can sign in, and the care needed to sign out. We have also considered class accounts, but think the Playlist idea within a single school account might be better as it's a central depository? We have to consider teachers of junior classes wanting to upload videos, teachers of classes from Year 4 upwards as well. Then we have our individual users - BYOD for students Years 5-8 (but younger students don't currently have their own emails etc). We're only just getting these older students onto their own personal blogs, so yes (Monika and Sharon), posting to their own Youtube is the best bet for those students. We can keep an eye on things via Hapara's Teacher Dashboard.

    Tim, your N4L settings sound interesting - we're still waiting for this to come to us and are currently still on Watchdog and have just started using Linewize.

    Please keep the opinions coming in - we're really interested to see how schools are organising their YouTube through GAFE  (dashboard and individual basis) - the practicalities and the realities!

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