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I-pad storage

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Started by Steph Kitto 31 Mar 2015 4:40pm () Replies (7)

What is the best way to store i-pads (pod of 10)?  Some of the docking stations are quite expensive, and since we have lots of 'handymen' around our school I'm looking at the option of some DIY storage. Has anyone created their own storage units?  Suggestions would be greatly appreciated. smiley


  • Claire Blomgren (View all users posts) 31 Mar 2015 6:22pm ()

     All our classes have 8-10 iPads each. These are are stored in plastic cubes in a strong room. They are delivered to each class by IT monitors each morning and collected by the monitors at 2.45 and returned to the strong room where the monitors plug them in to be charged overnight. That way they are already to go next day.





  • Rosina (View all users posts) 31 Mar 2015 9:36pm ()

    I have 13 Ipads and I store them on a dish rack in my lockable filing cabinet, I have had a hole cut out of the cabinet to let the extension cord hang out so they can charge overnight.

  • Allanah King (View all users posts) 31 Mar 2015 6:33pm ()

    This thread will probably help you too...


  • Sarah Parker (View all users posts) 31 Mar 2015 6:34pm ()

    Hi Claire

    We drilled big holes in existing cupboards, put locks on them and ran in 12 plug powerboards that we bought relatively cheaply from Bunnings.  Has worked perfectly.  Total cost about $35.

  • Rachel O'Connell (View all users posts) 31 Mar 2015 9:12pm ()

    In dishracks with multiplugs attached - very cheap, but sturdy enough and
    easy to still transport to other classrooms.

  • Oscarsranch (View all users posts) 05 Apr 2015 6:11am ()

    I took an old filing cabinet 2 drawer home and my husband cut holes in one side big enough to fit the older iPad 2 charger through.  There are about 10 holes for each drawer so there is airflow and chargers go in.  One drawer holds the iPads and the other our laptops.  Digikids can ensure all are being charged over night and that the filing cabinet is locked.  We have used it for a couple of terms in our converted classrooms to a MLE.  I really like the idea of the distracts and will get some to help tidy up the drawers. 

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