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Music in Class

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Started by Rob Gunn 27 Mar 2015 11:44am () Replies (10)

Hello all,

We are a GAFE school with 1:1 using chromebooks. Our students like to listen to music but we are troubled by several issues e.g. time taken searching for music, inappropriate music lyrics, etc as you can imagine.

We have challenged our students that they need to find a solution to ensure that will meet everybody's needs e.g accessible to everyone, monitored, music added is appropriate, all in one place.

What we were wondering was if anyone had a working solution / platform that meets there schools needs that is cloud based. Please share if you do.



  • Melinda Bolton (View all users posts) 27 Mar 2015 4:32pm ()

    I've been using the Pandora app (or Pandora.com). There are kids 'radio stations' and loads of instrumental/classical 'stations'. The free app does have ads after about 5 or 6 songs, there haven't been any inappropriate ones yet - I usually turn the sound down when they come on. 

  • Tony Cairns (View all users posts) 27 Mar 2015 6:23pm ()

    we use youtube - students can access youtube 24/7 and also  streaming music from spotify, ipods, iphones, soundcloud, and digital downloads of all music. it helps calm people down, block out distraction and focus the mind. It is used by most adults most of the time. we have our own radio station by for and with students and they run most clubs without teacher involvement, eg LGB & trans club, shakespeare society, monty python club, comedy club, tolkien society, quidditch club, gaming clubs, poker club, chess club, feminist club, eco club, debating club, zeal club, tramping, sports, physics club etc etc we let kids sort it our for themselves and treat them as young adults and sot out inappropriate uses by talking, contracting, negotiating,  restoratives, reduction in access and usage  rights, censure and in the final xtreme should all else fail suspension.

  • Mel Sutton (View all users posts) 30 Mar 2015 7:37pm ()

    We talked about this in class today.  One boy suggested creating a YouTube class playlist which would be the only choice they had (or a couple of lists for different likes).  He then said that once they clicked play they shouldn't be allowed to pick and choose songs...just listen to the list. Good idea I thought! Not sure how it works or how the play list is accessible by a variety of people....I'm off to discover it now.

  • Dianne Morgan (View all users posts) 31 Mar 2015 6:14am ()

    Hi all,

    Our school has just introduced chrome books (1-1 devices) throughout the senior school (years 4-6) this year and I am interested in how appropriate music can be streamed to them via the devices while they are working or as a learning tool. 

    I have been playing, using my spotify account, music on my ipad with external speakers before the day starts to set a quiet settled mood, using instrumental or piano classics. Research has shown that listening to Mozart and other classical composers work helps with concentration and readiness to learn. I also have selected playlists that I have made of pop songs that we sing to or use for assemblies or just like. I select them and ensure the language is appropriate.

    It would be cool of the kids could create their own playlists on their own device.

    This is my first time joining a thread, so look forward to taking part in more discussions soon,

    Dianne Morgan

  • RachelO (View all users posts) 31 Mar 2015 7:03am ()


    Would anyone be wiling to share a playlist of appropriate songs suitable for classroom listening?  




  • Tony Cairns (View all users posts) 31 Mar 2015 8:45am ()

    I think the thing is to teach kids to surf, live and listen responsibly as students will vary on time, experience, culture, society, background and peer groups on what they want to view and listen to. that being sod i would love some playlists

    I have some on spotify and pandora and 105 video playlists on youtube on a range of topics

    cheers in haste


  • Jody Garland (View all users posts) 20 Jul 2015 12:37pm ()


    I know this is an old thread, but am hoping that people are still listening!
    I use Actively Learn with my class and you are able to add music from Spotify to go with the writing. I am using this at the moment to analyse song lyrics, interpreting metaphors and exploring vocabulary. However, students must have a Spotify account, to be able to listen to the song. 

    I could just put a link to YouTube, but then the video plays which is sometimes inappropriate.

    So my question is, am I breaking the Spotify terms and conditions to allow the students to create a Spotify account? The terms and conditions say that you must be 13 years old with parent permission. My students are 11 or 12. However, as the school owns their email accounts, can we get around this?

  • Rob Gunn (View all users posts) 16 Aug 2015 9:12pm ()

    This is still very much on our minds. We never found an acceptable solution. We are now investigating creating our own radio station or connecting with another schools radio station but streaming it online via an ip stream that we create that is private or public.

    We did have students creating playlists but this raised some issues including;

    • time spent doing this
    • types of music that were appropriate to some families but not others
    • how they were shared open forum or embed on private doc or the like.

    Jody, I don't know about legally but I wouldn't encourage it this because to students this may apply to other sites e.g. social networking, gaming or the like. I know with blogs we have them only as contributors. They do not administer the blog account.

    There is this that started our ideas http://www.vln.school.nz/blog/view/715629/starting-a-school-internet-radio-station 

  • Hamish McLean (View all users posts) 17 Aug 2015 8:40am ()

    Hey Rob,

    It certainly is an issue that I think about frequently.  The legalities of creating an account, wether spotify, tinkercad, blogger, requires 13 years of age.  We all know the reason behind it, but I also am very supportive of Tony Cairns comment regarding safe practice.  In a school environment that is immensely more safe that a home environment (parents unaware of what their children do online, and don't monitor their activity) in fact every term I run a cybersafety workshop for parents during the day, and then again at night.  Its compulsory for parents who buy into our 1:1 chromebook programme, so hopefully in a couple of years our parents will have more of an idea about their child's activities. 

    We do allow our 'gold card' holders to use Spotify, and we have a 'student' account they sign into.   To obtain a gold card, our senior students (Y7/8) have to be seen to be active in their learning and responsible.  Every senior student has a gold card, but can loose it for not completing tasks, failing to show up to workshops etc.   But then can earn this gold card back by having a meeting with a teacher, and discussing their learning priorities, and actions for the next week.   anyway got a bit off topic there... 

    ... so we do give students access R13 accounts and sites, as we believe that safe practise and use in our school environment educates them in the safe use and risks of the digital/ online environment.

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