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REPORT: Education for Māori: Relationships between schools and whānau

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Started by Nathaniel Louwrens 24 Mar 2015 8:57am () Replies (1)

The Office of the Auditor General has released the report, Education for Māori: Relationships between schools and whānau.

This report is part of a five-year programme to find out "how well the education system supports Māori students to achieve their full potential".

The report compares whānau perceptions with school perceptions in a range of areas including communication with whānau, school policies around engaging with whānau, and school relationships with whānau.

There are some interesting findings:

Most schools tended to rate their relationships with whānau more highly than whānau did. Eighty-nine percent of schools agreed that they have an effective relationship, as opposed to 66% of whānau.

There is a risk that schools could become complacent because they think that they have better relationships with whānau than whānau think they do. We consider that the wider the gap in opinions, the more likely schools will find it harder to have effective relationships with whānau.

The report recommends that schools continue to look at relationships with all families (not only whānau) to ensure they are meeting their needs and what is stated in their policies. There is also a recommendation that schools compare the self-review with best practices.

A interactive self-review tool for School-whānau partnerships can be found at: Reviewing your school-whānau partnerships.


How are you connecting and engaging with whānau in your school?

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