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Next meeting and facebook page

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Started by Leigh Hynes 20 Mar 2015 10:19am () Replies (2)

Another face to face meeting coming up in the hoilday break!

On Wednesday 8th April, we are meeting at Taupo Intermediate School at 10am.  Details here:

Wednesday 8 April 10am - 2am (enjoy a sleep in)

Stay as long as your like or as little as you like.
Bring a shared lunch or your own lunchbox

Venue TBA (it will be central)

The theme this time will be to come and share a digital tool, an idea, a question anything around Digital Technologies.

First timers: free
Second timers: share a digital tool, an idea or question around Digital Technologies or bring a friend. 
Third Timers: share a digital tool, idea or question.

BYOD and BYOF (fee)

We have been hearing of some great things happening in our area so come and share with your colleagues.

This group is for everyone leaders and teachers, anyone involved with or would like to learn more about Teaching with Digital Technologies. So please share this invite with all teachers and leaders in your school.


Our facebook page:

Our facebook page has helped reach quite a few more teachers in the Taupo region, so feel free to come and stalk us here as well. https://www.facebook.com/taupoconnectedteachers 



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