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Sharing photos using GAFE to personal student folders

Started by Lavinia Robyns 16 Mar 2015 2:37pm () Replies (11)

We have just moved to using Hapara teacher dashboard with individual student accounts for our year 5/6 students. How are other schools sharing photos online so that individual students can incorporate them in their Google Apps/Docs etc? We have a cloud-based storage solution when they are at school but we probably need a place they can access out of school too.  How do other schools manage this?

Thanks for any suggestions. 



  • Tony Cairns (View all users posts) 26 Mar 2015 12:42am ()

    Sharing photos using GAFE to personal student folders


    picasa integrates really well with google+ the images are grabbed off the digital photo cards by picasa and uploaded straight into google by google backup - videos are loaded to folders, google drive and youtube, al students faces are face recognized by google and then all images can be searched on google+ for students - folders of each students images are made for google and shared with an email to the student who can add, delete edit and send to parents caregivers the images they choose to share. Images for school promotion purposes, board report, classroom poster boards can be shred with AMT and newsletter editors and designers. All images are tagged for time, date, camera, details, class, subject, topic and investigation. All student work is shot or scanned and emailed from scanner to student. Uploads run over night from servers - students shoot all images for m school cameras or flip cameras and also from all their own devices. All bad images are deleted on transfer from cards and first sighting. Any images with raised hands are deleted in case students are signalling to delete - all photographers monitored and held to account for shots - all must ask permission and will normally be wearing, labcoat (decorated) hat and leis to show they are recorders - cameras share per group per experiment - all images are sighted by teachers, cut, sized colour balanced and straightened. All images end up in searchable albums, all automatically backed up and backed up monthly to flickr. All servers cleared annually and all dat wiped - i mean all data all images all videos when the teacher leaves the school. All videos are tagged dated, timed and improved by teachers - all videos appear in playlists of up to 100 videos. key items of a learning nature are shared with students via POND, Moodle, pinterest, Google+ newsletters, prints for assembling on posters on classroom walls, etc. imn haste its late and i need to mark 20 more assessments for y11.



  • Tony Cairns (View all users posts) 26 Mar 2015 12:43am ()

    in the old days i would cut each student a cd of just their images then we moved to pen drives and then photo chios and then the clouds

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