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Sharing photos using GAFE to personal student folders

Started by Lavinia Robyns 16 Mar 2015 2:37pm () Replies (11)

We have just moved to using Hapara teacher dashboard with individual student accounts for our year 5/6 students. How are other schools sharing photos online so that individual students can incorporate them in their Google Apps/Docs etc? We have a cloud-based storage solution when they are at school but we probably need a place they can access out of school too.  How do other schools manage this?

Thanks for any suggestions. 



  • Lavinia Robyns (View all users posts) 16 Mar 2015 7:13pm ()

    Thanks for the suggestion - so you have the images saved in the folder in your drive (called room 11) which you share via TD email or smartcopy?

  • Lavinia Robyns (View all users posts) 16 Mar 2015 7:16pm ()

    Yes we do encourage students to access work at home through GAFE but I wasn't sure how to share a folder of photos so all students can access this central folder (without using smartcopy in teacher dashboard).

  • Lavinia Robyns (View all users posts) 17 Mar 2015 11:13am ()

    Thanks everyone for your advice. This is the email I've sent to my teachers outlining the steps. I hope this captures it all!

    • Create a folder called PHOTOS in your class Google drive (Room 32) and upload the pictures to this folder (organised in sub-folders e.g. Maritime Museum Trip etc). 
    • Share that folder by email with all the students in your class. Teacher dashboard has a list of emails you can copy and paste (from class info - scroll down).
    • The students can add that folder to their own drive.
    • Any photos you upload to that folder are now also sitting in their drive.

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