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Using visual strategies to support all learners in primary: Dyslexia Advocacy tip day 1

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Started by Chrissie Butler 16 Mar 2015 2:29pm () Replies (1)

For many students with dyslexia, using visuals and graphics to support oral or written information can support understanding and increase independence.

In the video below, primary teacher, Linda Ojala reflects on how and why she uses visuals in the classroom. She also describes the impact it has.

Classroom approach – Using visual timetables from Ministry of Education on Vimeo.

By building the use of visuals and graphics into classroom practice, Linda puts into action the UDL principle of "multiple means of representation to support understanding". Instead of reserving the approach for a single student, she takes a universal approach, offering the visuals as an option to all students.

What ways do you use visuals and graphics in the classroom? What impact does it have?

Visit the Dyslexia and Learning guide on Inclusive Education for more ideas.

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