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Managing device use in a BYOD classroom

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Started by Rebecca 04 Mar 2015 8:58pm () Replies (14)


I have a year 4/5 class where the children all have a device - some are using their own, some are using the schools chromebooks.  For the most part this is working really well and the children are really engaged but we are having some problems with monitoring the use of the devices particularly when I am working with a group or conferencing with individual children.  I am finding that during these times some of the children are using their devices inappropriately - playing games, sending each other lot's of emails or taking silly photos.  

So my question is does anyone have any ideas on how to manage 28 children's devices to ensure they are on task?  I've seen a few different software packages that allow you to see thumbnails of each child's device but they all seem very expensive. 

Any ideas??


  • Hamish McLean (View all users posts) 05 Mar 2015 10:31am ()

    100% behind you on this Ian.

    I'm the eFacilitator at our school.  300 students, with 1:1 from year 5-8.  And we are including years 4 this year.   So thats almost 180 devices on at any one time.  We are a GAFE school, use teacher dashboard, and for an extra 3$ per students I could look at any screen in the school from my laptop from my screen.  But we don't need to.  99% of our students are learning.  Because our students chose what they learn, and how they learn they are engaged.  There are very few that don't want to be at school, and don't want to learn.  The change thats happened over the last 3 years with out school, has been from teaching content (reading, writing, math) and moving on to a focus on:

    Relationships, Leaning Powers (how we learn) and Student Agency  (Reading, Writing, and Math happen as a result of these but are not our focus.. thank god!)

    Of course a modern learning environment is essential in this as students can lean where they want, what they want and how they want.  

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