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Google Doc Planner

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Started by Chris 04 Mar 2015 8:34pm () Replies (1)


Is there a planner template for google docs (maybe?) ? I've seen one before that did something like this

It was like.. a spreadsheet, 1 tab per subject and on each subject theres 5 days and u write in each block what would be done, the LI etc, and then use a dropdown list to get the KCs and AOs from NZC - saves you typing them all again and again and again... and there was also a reflection box at the bottom of each day - where u can write and then use a dropdown box to select multiple RTCs...(I noticed only 1 filled in in 2-3 weeks worth of what was shown so must be just there for her to use when she wants to reflect on those specific teaching sessions.

this was copied and edited weekly - so there would be 10ish files for 1 term in 1 folder, and so on...(with many tabs  - 1 for each subject covered each week)

I was going to ask that person for a copy after the meeting but never got to frown emoticon as thought that was just perfect. and I am pretty sure it was google docs using the Forms Feature but I may be wrong?

Anyone got anything similar or better? as being able to incorporate everything in 1 location would be perfect  Or anything similar or recommended alternatives?


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