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Passwords for accessing Blogs

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Started by Steve Trotter 25 Feb 2015 2:03pm () Replies (3)


If a class blog is not viewable without a login what would be the easiest method for Quad Blogging 'partnership' schools? We could make each class a member of their blog - so that they have to sign in to comment? Any other ideas from other schools that have had this issue in the past?






  • Steve Trotter (View all users posts) 25 Feb 2015 5:28pm ()

    Thanks Allanah,

    Yes, in an ideal world we would have it opened up - and hope to get that point soon*.

    Currently we have a number of families who want online content secure for a variety of reasons; including sensitive custody arrangements, parents high security jobs and past history of families.

    Rather than excluding some students we have decided to keep all our online content password secured. Parents have their own access, either through their own or children's accounts.

    Yes, we want to collaborate with others and know the value of this, but we do not to be responsive to the needs of our community.

    I personally do not have a problem with having to log in to make comments on a blog :)

    *The new Kid Blog platform allows for each post to be set as private (teacher view only), viewable to class members, viewable to connections or open to the world. When we migrate to this new version, we will communicate with the community about how some posted content will be open (e.g. writing) and some private (e.g. named photos).


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