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ACET Recognition for 2015

Started by Jeanette Hinerangi Eruera Murphy 23 Feb 2015 6:36pm () Replies (9)

Kia ora koutou

Last year I was in two minds about submitting an expression of interest for the ACET recognition and chose not to given the amount of work that I had deemed necessary for the portfolio.  I did however continue to follow this group's discussion and would like to commend those who committed to the process and those were indeed successful.

I am now considering an expression of interest for 2015 in the hope that other teachers also applying along with those who are part of this group, will enter into discussion that supports our collective ACET thinking and learning journey.  Looking forward to connecting with like-minded others:)


  • Janene Maloney (View all users posts) 23 Feb 2015 7:01pm ()

    Kia ora Jeanette :) Welcome to the ACET group.

    I submitted a portfolio last year and agree there was a lot of work involved. It was worth the effort in the end but it was a huge extra demand on my time. I think for me the most difficult part was understanding what was required under each section of the portfolio, and never knowing really that I was on the right track.

    With 2014 being the first year for ACET submissions, there was quite a bit of uncertainty. Without knowing how many teachers would eventually be recognised at the end of 2014; I knew I had to give it everything I had.

    With 337 teachers now ACET recognised, hopefully we can support others looking to submit a portfolio this year.

    All the very best with your expression of interest Jeanette. Ask away in this forum; I know there will be many teachers including me that are happy to help.

  • Sharon (View all users posts) 27 Feb 2015 1:02am ()

    Hi everyone

    I have a question.   There is a teacher interested in applying for ACET recognition in my area (Wairoa).   Would she be allowed to join this forum for support as it looks like she will be the only one from here applying.


  • Janene Maloney (View all users posts) 27 Feb 2015 6:40am ()

    Hi Sharon

    Yes, for sure! She is most welcome to join the forum. It is open to anyone. I found it a great space to share our experiences and ask questions. 

    All the very best with her application. 



  • MWT64 (View all users posts) 27 Apr 2015 7:15pm ()


    Thanks for setting up this group!  I too have begun the journey into starting my 2015 ACET Portfolio.  I am cheered? to read 2014's teachers too, were struggling with what was actually required, and it is not just me who finds it a little perplexing. 

    Oh well, I will keep on trucking and hope it becomes more clear as time moves on.



  • Janene Maloney (View all users posts) 27 Apr 2015 9:11pm ()

    Hi Nicky :)

    I found the pressure of not knowing if what I was doing was right or not, quite stressful at times. It was really useful knowing what others were doing, and how they interpreted what was required. In the back of my mind I knew I had one real shot at sufficiently compiling my portfolio, so my advice to anyone considering submitting a portfolio is: start early - keep checking on the criteria required for each section - read the recommended prof resources - get advice and guidance when you need it.

    All the very best with your portfolio, Nicky.


  • Sarah Cobbum (View all users posts) 13 May 2015 11:40am ()

    Hi Janene, 

    Thanks for setting up this group. I am glad I have found you. I am applying this year and I am reading through the paperwork and becoming very confused. I have not yet been to the workshop and I am hoping when I do all will become clear!

    Do you know if there are any online examples of portfolios that we can look at? Just trying to envisage what it might look like.



  • Steph Kitto (View all users posts) 13 May 2015 8:14pm ()

    HI Sarah

    I am also applying this year. I agree that the paper work is very confusing. I'm not sure if we are going to have a workshop meeting in our area so I might be 'flying blind' as I put my portfolio together.

    I too would love to see some examples of portfolios. It's hard to judge just how much evidence is needed.

    After reading the group discussions I'm hoping that the task wont be all consuming!

    I look forward to keeping in touch as we put our portfolios together. 


  • Janene Maloney (View all users posts) 13 May 2015 8:20pm ()

    Hi Sarah

    Congratulations on being accepted to submit your portfolio. It is quite daunting at times but there is support out there through NZEI, TeachNZ, this VLN forum, ACET Facebook page, and others who were recognised in 2014. I'm sure the workshop you talked about will valuable in giving you answers to any questions you have, and also give you an opportunity to link/connect with other teachers.

    I'm not sure if there are any online examples of portfolios but I know that the ACET Panel requested copies of some portfolios that they found particularly exemplary, last year. You might want to contact them about this. 

    At the workshop, your NZEI reps may have invited ACET teachers along from 2014, to share their portfolios with you. Some of us who were successful in 2014 took ours along to the last NZEI workshop in HB to share. I'm also taking it along again to the next NZEI workshop tomorrow so that anyone who is interested can browse through.

    Hope this helps and all the very best.


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