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School Readiness Assessments

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Started by Angelee Jarrett 22 Feb 2015 9:24am () Replies (9)

Do any schools / teachers out there use the SEA (School Entrance Assessment) to assess school readiness and help provide formative assessment for teaching and learning?  If so, how do you administer this?  Where do you record/store results?  How do you use the information?  If not, why not?  Do you use a different form of assessment?

Also, is there a school readiness assessment in New Zealand that has proven effective and comprehensive?  

I hope this will provide for interesting conversation in the NE Group on VLN!



  • Eve Jones (View all users posts) 22 Feb 2015 11:34am ()

    i am a Y1 teacher and my school uses SEA. it is carried out by another teacher or TA as this is a one to one assessment. I use the data to plan for and group my kids according to their strengths and identified needs / gaps. As to what happens to the info; i keep a copy and the data is used to check and track that the kids are making progress,

  • Shona Hoffman (View all users posts) 23 Feb 2015 11:57am ()

    Our school uses the Observation Survey (Marie Clay), and JOST (an oral language survey) and JAM. It is administered by the classroom teacher because the observations are so valuable in understanding the learner. Watching a child record writing is fascinating. Do they use letters or squiggles? Do they record left to right? Do they have any sense of the connection between letters and sounds?

    We release the teacher for each survey which is carried out during the child's fifth week at school. We chose this time so the child had relaxed about their new environment, had a relationship forming with their teacher and had had a chance to experience reading and writing at school but still mostly relied on prior knowledge.

    The data is retained in the child's cumulative file as baseline entry data. The stanines etc. are added to the evidence kept in our cumulative records accessible online.

  • Dee27 (View all users posts) 23 Feb 2015 7:56pm ()

    Hi there

    I am NE teacher too. I use my crt and am also released by the other NE teacher for SEA. We do oral lang, concepts of print, alphabet check and JAM. Helps us to group the children. I send a copy of results home and enter it into MuSAC . The test goes in their manila folder. 


  • wendy (View all users posts) 23 Feb 2015 9:53pm ()

    We have our SENCO doing all the testing for this and we do it in week one...it is used at a  parent interview at the beginning of the child's journey at school and provides great benchmark data which can be revisited at the 6 year net. The data collected also covers oral lang...JOST and goes in their learning journey which is a record of all assessment.The information is also digitally recorded using ETAP. Provides excellent start point for teacher on where the child is at and begins the school home relationship building.

  • Jo Maguire (View all users posts) 21 Mar 2015 5:47pm ()

    Hi am a NE team leader. We use Marie Clay Obs Survey,JOST, and JAM as our SEA.We test at 2 weeks and then again at 10 weeks. This gives us really good data,info for teaching etc.All children that are stanine 4 or below will be monitored closely and at 6 months at school they are retested and may become priority learners if there hasn't been accelerated progress. All data is on MUSAC and easily accessible. Release is given to each teacher through CRT and extra release for testing. Parents/ Whanau are reported to after 2 weeks at parent/pupil / teacher conferences. Then again after 6 months at school.

  • Tracey Schumacher (View all users posts) 21 Mar 2015 7:59pm ()

    We do pretty much the same as your school does Jo, although we don't test again at 10 weeks (that is a good idea).  I also do a 'Goodenough Man' (I think that is what it is called!!) sketch of themselves.  And I add a sample of the child's written language.  We also send home an "On Entry report" which is a wee report that let parents know how well their settling in at school, followed by an informal chat about it. 

  • Josie Woon (View all users posts) 21 Mar 2015 9:25pm ()

    We do our own school entry assessment but covers the basics, JAM and only do JOST if oral language concerns. I do a 6 week report and interview with parents and the same at 6 months. Then they flip into our school twice yearly reporting process. 

  • Jo Maguire (View all users posts) 21 Mar 2015 9:55pm ()

    Another thing we do is a cutting assessment- has anyone else noticed the decline in cutting skills?

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