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Teacher's working collaboratively

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Started by Maree Harris 18 Feb 2015 9:36am () Replies (5)

Hi there

We are working on our application...I know the cut off is only 2 days away!  We have a new MLE building in the process for next year and we have started working with our teachers to move everyone towards working together collaboratively (teachers and students) and to create a whanau learning environment for our akonga, in order to raise student achievement, especially in our target groups - Maori and at risk students.  We would like to develop this further and we know there are a lot of experts out there that could help us. 

Is there any advice you could give us for our application for this? 




  • Ed Strafford (View all users posts) 18 Feb 2015 10:24am ()

    Hi Maree,

    I, personally, reckon this is a great idea! and my personal advice is to definately get something in!

    In terms of process advice there are a a few weblinks to written and video guidance from us in the Minedu team. I'll post those below.

    I reckon a source of brilliant advice is the people who are in the process of applying or have applied ... or have helped teachers to apply.

    Those folks might well see this and offer some helpful advice from their experience of the process.

    Christine Abercrombie and Vanitha Govini spring to mind as folks who have completed the short application or helped other to do so :-)


    Here are the links to minedu advice etc:

    Project teams are encouraged to make use of the Guide and YouTube videos when creating and submitting their application.

    Applications for stage 1 are now open:

    1. Download the project concept application form [PDF, 157 KB] / puka took kaupapa marohi [PDF, 155 KB]. (To save the form, right mouse-click the link and select ‘download’ or ‘save target as’.)
    2. Fill out the application form. Applications must be typed, using the form provided.
    3. Make sure your application meets the eligibility criteria.
    4. Upload your completed application, by noon on 20 February 2015.

    Applications for this stage close at noon on 20 February 2015. The concept selection process will take place from 23 February – 27 March 2015. Projects will be notified in the week of 30 March 2015.

    Stage 2: Submit a detailed project proposal

    Project teams describe in detail how their project will investigate an innovative teaching practice. If the detailed project proposal is accepted, project teams receive funding to implement their proposed kaupapa.

    Applications for this stage will be open from 2 April – 8 May 2015. The proposal selection process will take place from 11 May – 12 June 2015. Projects will be notified in the week of 15 June 2015.


    I hope some of this helps!!

    Go well, Maree


  • Christine Abercrombie (View all users posts) 18 Feb 2015 8:48pm ()

    I think whatever you do, make sure you keep stating and restating how your concept links to the purpose of the fund - that is to raise the achievement for our priority learners. Even if you cross over between the questions that they are asking.

    If you get stuck, feel free to send me an email or message me and I can help out. I found the youtube clips really helpful.

    Good luck


  • Maree Harris (View all users posts) 18 Feb 2015 9:18pm ()

    Hi Christine

    Ok, thanks so much for the advice, I have mentioned that quite a bit, so that's great.  I've watched the youtube clips, so hopefully it's all ok!

  • Valay Raman (View all users posts) 04 Mar 2015 1:31pm ()

    I was fortunate to visit Farmcove Intermediate in East Auckland on  my PLG. The have 3 MLE's with about 120 students in each. This is a massive shift form single cell classrooms. Teacher collaboration must be a high priority for this to work. I hope you have put in your application and maybe could ask Farmcove if you could visit to make links between theory and practice.

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