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Special 24 hour discussion: Safer Internet Day | An Enabling e-Learning event

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Started by Tessa Gray 10 Feb 2015 7:25am () Replies (2)

Let’s create a better Internet together is the catchphrase for Safer Internet day. Safer Internet Day Feb 10, 2015 is part of a wider global event where NetSafe is coordinating a series of events, so that schools can get involved to, “help promote the safe, responsible and positive use of digital technology for children and young people.”

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See Jane Armstrong's blog post on Safer Internet Day in the Enabling e-Learning blog for more details.

Enabling e-Learning (and Te Toi Tupu) is also endorsing this special day by starting this special 24hr discussion thread, and inviting educators to share positive uses of technology, as well as any strategies for creating safer and secure Internet practices and processes in their schools.

The Internet is an incredibly powerful resource for teaching and learning; it is also a digital space that, if left unmonitored, can provide some real challenges in terms of the safety and well being of our students and teachers. Issues such as:

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  • Protecting users from undesirable material
  • Protecting devices from spam, viruses and theft
  • Protecting intellectual property
  • Protecting identity and reputation
  • Protecting users from misuse and cyber bullying

Every school is diverse and autonomous, so let’s challenge ourselves and see how many different stories we can share in one 24 hour period? Sometimes that one new gem is worth gold!

Tell us who you are, your role and which school you’re from as well as...

  • General Digital Citizenship needs from your community (cyber-safety, cyber bullying, infrastructure) for students, teachers, whānau.


  • Any perceived outcomes or actual developments and progress so far in regards to addressing Cyber Safety (Up-skilling staff, developing Digital Citizenship curriculum, useful resources, documentation and policies, user agreements)


  • # Top tips for others?


  • Any questions?

Also keep an eye out for hourly updates today @


For more information see:



  • Nathaniel Louwrens (View all users posts) 26 Feb 2015 11:40am ()

    As a part of Safer Internet Day 2015, NetSafe released the following report:

    Digital challenge and New Zealanders: A focus on reports made to NetSafe in 2014

    There is some really interesting information in the report including examples of the types of issues that are raised with NetSafe.

    This quote from page 8 demonstrates how important it is for digital citizenship to be well supported by schools to increase understanding and confidence in our students and their whānau and the wider school community.

    The most recently available Statistics NZ data on household internet usage indicated New Zealanders’ lack of confidence in internet security is a barrier to them using the internet for social networking and trading goods and services. Perhaps more concerning, is the number of New Zealand households that reported not having an internet connection because of their lack of confidence, knowledge, or skills.

    Have a look at pages 2-3 for a quick graphic overview of the issues NetSafe dealt with in 2014 and the losses to New Zealanders.

    The report is a relatively easy read and gives you an insight to what is going on in the online lives of New Zealanders.

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