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Equity in e-learning - a research thesis

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Started by Keir Whipp 03 Feb 2015 5:36pm () Replies (10)

Kia ora

I will be conducting a research this year in a range of Secondary schools in South Auckland to investigate issues of equity in e-learning as part of a Masters in Educational Leadership and Management.  Equity will include student access to and use of e-learning technologies at school, student access to and use of online learning at school, the development of e-learning curricula within a school, the implementation of e-learning pedagogies within a school, and the level of teacher competence and involvement with e-learning pedagogies.

I am particularly interested in any research or scholarly articles that you may recommend, especially around equity issues concerning priority learners in NZ Secondary Schools, but also knowledge from further afield may also be useful this topic.

Also, let me know if you think it may be beneficial for my research to visit your school.

Kind regards

Keir Whipp


  • Anjela Webster (View all users posts) 04 Feb 2015 8:20am ()

    Hi Keir

    I just read of your thesis focus- sounds really interesting! Id be keen to read your findings once finished.  A friend of mine may be a good link or worth looking up - She works for Core Ed and runs a FB page called 'Education for Equity' . She sources interesting links and readings on a range of issues regarding equity, and she may have some complementary resources for your thread. Louise Taylor is her name. 

    Cheers and all the best 

    Anj Webster 

  • Keir Whipp (View all users posts) 04 Feb 2015 6:48pm ()

    Thank you, Anj.  I have joined Louise's group, and will get in touch with her.

    All the best,


  • Jane Armstrong Bos (View all users posts) 04 Feb 2015 10:04am ()

    Hi Keir,

    It is fantastic that you have shared what you are doing in here. I would like to keep in contact with you as you write your thesis. I am the project leader for Enabling e-Learning (website and community in the VLN) and would appreciate making a link to your thesis from our Reasearch and reading section on the site once it is completed and published. We also create short video clips and write school snapshots to give other schools information and real examples of different e-learning pedagogies, so it would be helpful to connect with you as you connect with schools.  

    All the best with your research 


  • Keir Whipp (View all users posts) 04 Feb 2015 6:45pm ()

    Thank you, Jane.  I will certainly keep in touch, and share what I'm doing. 

    Look forward exchanging ideas throughout the year.



  • Ed Strafford (View all users posts) 04 Feb 2015 10:17am ()

    This sounds like an important piece of work Keir!

    I'll keep my eye out for possible refs.

    The report of Nikki Kaye's reference group springs to mind - http://www.minedu.govt.nz/theMinistry/EducationInitiatives/UFBInSchools/FutureFocusedLearning.aspx

    If you want to leap into the twitter thing, I'd recommend following Audrey Watters, Tim Kong, Keri Facer, Mark Osborne, Jane Gilbert and pretty much dozens of other smart thinkers who are grappling with this question - not always from an academic perspective but certainly thoughtfully.

    Happy to chat.

    Go well, Ed



  • Keir Whipp (View all users posts) 13 Feb 2015 7:39pm ()

    Thanks, Ed.  Just checked out Nikki Kaye's reference group:  very useful and makes some bold claims around equity.  Also read an article by Gilbert and Butt (Swimming out of our depth? Leading learning in 21st century schools) - good stuff.

    Thanks for your support,


  • Ed Strafford (View all users posts) 16 Feb 2015 10:32am ()

    I haven't read that Keir, but I no doubt should add it to the over-optimistic and slightly daunting list I keep of things to read, watch, attend etc, etc :-)

    A colleague flicked the reference to me - so, given her kindness  - I'll post it here in case it appeals to other folks.

    Bull, A. and Gilbert, J. (2012). Swimming out of our depth? Leading learning in 21st century schools. Wellington: NZCER. Available at www.nzcer.org.nz/research/publications. - See more at: http://www.aut.ac.nz/profiles/jane-gilbert#sthash.GfBT4wGk.dpuf

    and, if you use it in your ref list, it'll be one less thing for you to type out :-)

    cheers, Ed


  • Saunil Hagler (View all users posts) 06 Feb 2015 9:35am ()

    Hi Keir


    I've just completed my PGDipEd where for one of my assignments I worked collaboratively with some colleagues to address issues related to 'digital divide'.  You may find some of our references useful.  Any questions, don't hesitate to ask.





  • Keir Whipp (View all users posts) 13 Feb 2015 7:40pm ()

    Awesome blog, Saunil.  Will keep me busy for a while.  

    Thank you for your support.



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