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Does my project fit the criteria?

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Started by tim morgan 31 Jan 2015 2:39pm () Replies (4)

I have spent 18months provided online mentoring and professional develop in the area of primary physical eduaction. I share original resources and even a whole school curriculum approach that aligns with other providers. Im keen to extend, consolidate or build on this work formally. Does this idea fit the criteria?

I'd be very keen to see a timeline in relation to the roll out of this fund as well. 



  • Ed Strafford (View all users posts) 02 Feb 2015 5:36pm ()

    Kia ora Tim,

    Here is a link which will provide a quick summary of the information you need, as well as to further links that more detailed support.

    In terms of your specific questions, these are probably the most relevant sections:

    Eligibility criteria

    To be eligible, applications for funding must demonstrate that the project will:

    • Align to the purpose of the Teacher-led Innvoation Fund (see below).
    • Be led by a teacher who is in a teaching position and is actively working on the project.
    • Include a minimum of three kaiako/teachers.
    • Include technical or specialist expertise, to ensure rigour. For example, mātauranga Māori experts, researchers, academics, innovation experts, professional learning and development providers, experts in data analysis, tikanga or reo experts.


    Purpose of the fund

    The fund supports teams of teachers to develop innovative practices that improve learning outcomes, particularly for students who are Māori, Pasifika, have special education needs, and/or come from low socio-economic backgrounds.

    The fund allows kaiako/teachers the time and opportunity to:

    • inquire into ‘puzzles of practice’, with other kaiako/teachers, to find ways of helping individual (or groups of) students to succeed
    • work with experts, for example, academics, researchers and/or community experts to test ideas in a teacher-led research project
    • share what works with other kura/schools and educators across Aotearoa New Zealand.

    Innovative projects involve inquiring into new practices, or applying existing practices in new contexts, and investigating in a systematic way whether they result in improved learning outcomes.


    Timelines for applying for funding

    The Teacher-led Innovation Fund has a two-stage application/tono process: Submission of a project concept, then submission of a detailed project proposal. An independent selection panel will assess and provide feedback on applications at both stages.

    Stage 1: Submit a project concept (now open)

    Project teams outline how their project will investigate an innovative teaching practice. If the project concept is accepted, applicants proceed to stage 2.

    Applications for stage 1 are now open:

    1. Download the project concept application form [PDF, 157 KB] / puka took kaupapa marohi [PDF, 155 KB]. (To save the form, right mouse-click the link and select ‘download’ or ‘save target as’.)
    2. Fill out the application form. Applications must be typed, using the form provided.
    3. Make sure your application meets the eligibility criteria.
    4. Upload your completed application, by noon on 20 February 2015.

    Project teams are encouraged to make use of the Guide and YouTube videos when creating and submitting their application.

    Applications for this stage close at noon on 20 February 2015. The concept selection process will take place from 23 February – 27 March 2015. Projects will be notified in the week of 30 March 2015.

    Stage 2: Submit a detailed project proposal

    Project teams describe in detail how their project will investigate an innovative teaching practice. If the detailed project proposal is accepted, project teams receive funding to implement their proposed kaupapa.

    Applications for this stage will be open from 2 April – 8 May 2015. The proposal selection process will take place from 11 May – 12 June 2015. Projects will be notified in the week of 15 June 2015.

    Further application rounds

    There will be 3 rounds of applications during the period of years that it is available. For each round:

    • Stage 1: Submit a project concept, will be open between November – February.
    • Stage 2: Submit a detailed project proposal, will be open between April – May.


    I hope this reply and the various links are helpful Tim.

    Are any other members of our VLN group are looking at physical education as part of the innovation design?

    And - more generally - how are you good folks going with the task/challenge of matching your insights, passion, and experience to the purposes of the Teacher-led Innovation Fund?

    In a nutshell, how's the application process going folks?

    Can I help you?, can we help each other?.... to get applications in?

    Cheers, Ed

  • Christine Abercrombie (View all users posts) 02 Feb 2015 8:50pm ()

    Hi Ed


    I have found the application process ok - sometimes I felt like I was repeating myself between questions, but I guess as long as the links to the purpose of the fund is clear, that is all that matters.

    I will be submitting my application tomorrow! Fingers crossed.

    If anyone needs any help, let me know


  • Ed Strafford (View all users posts) 03 Feb 2015 11:10am ()

    Christine, I love the 'ratio of wow to words' in your reply! Heaps of wow!

    I think you are right, the panel will be very interested in how people make the links between their inquiry/innovation and the purposes of the fund.

    Great news that you are so close to submitting!

    Most of all, when you write "If anyone needs any help, let me know" ... I am re-assured that this group and the TLiF are starting to fulfill their potential to help build a community of practice for innovative teachers.

    Thanks for being so willing to share your experiences and smarts, with other folks  :-)

    Go well everybody, and feel free to ramp up those questions, comments and ideas!


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