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Started by Cathiesten 23 Jan 2015 9:17am () Replies (5)

Have finally got GAFE sorted after some wrangles with Google, and have got as far as the deployment guide. How much of this do I need to deploy?   Can I just create access for staff and students?  


  • Sam Hamilton (View all users posts) 25 Jan 2015 1:47pm ()

    Hi there,


    So what have you done so far? have you switched over your domain over to google? and now wanting to sign teachers and students up to google accounts?


  • Cathiesten (View all users posts) 25 Jan 2015 2:41pm ()

    Thanks for your reply!  Yes, have a domain and at the accounts for teachers and students stage.  Someone staff already have google accounts but not all.  

    What next - the instruction on the email from google are a tad confusing so a  step by step method would be good, especially if I have to relay this to staff.  Cheers!







  • Sam Hamilton (View all users posts) 30 Jan 2015 9:58am ()

    Hello there,


    Sorry for note replying sooner.


    OK.  So you have switched your domain and your email runs through google and you're wanting to add all students and teachers to google.    So your emails are: name@yourschool.school.nz?

    YOu say other teachers are already using google accounts.  does that mean they have personal accounts or school email addresses?

    If they have personal accounts i would encourage them to use the schools one.  It keeps things seperate and its easier should they leave the school.  ALso it works best if/when you start to use dashboard or google classroom etc.

    OK, in admin area go to users and then add uses.  It will ask you if you want to add singles or multi.  Multi is easiest.  Best way to do it is to make a csv file with all students and teachers info.  a format for students we use is firstname, last initial then year they will finish at your school.  E.g. if their last year at school is this year then make it samh18@yourschool.school.nz, or if their last year is 2018 it would be samh18@yourschool.co.nz

    YOu can make a spresdsheet in google drive with this info.  YOu include first name, last name, email address then password.  make password simple and then they can change it when they log in.


    hope this helps.  let me know how you get on.  if you want to talk directly to me im happy to do that.  email me: sam@matata.school.nz and if you want to talk i can give you my cell.


  • Hilary Rodley (View all users posts) 30 Jan 2015 11:24am ()

    Hi there,

    I use dinopass.com to generate kid friendly passwords and don't let the kids change them.  Then teachers have a list of passwords in case anybody forgets theirs.  It also means that teachers can set them up with the same password if they are using Sumdog or whatever.  Just another way of doing things.


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