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Google Docs for Teacher Appraisal/Registered Teacher Criteria - Inquiry

Started by Nix 19 Jan 2015 9:47pm () Replies (27)

Hi All,

Just wondering if anyone out there is using google docs as a form of teacher appraisal to meet the registered teacher criteria.  If anyone is willing to share the way that they or their school use it that would be greatly appreciated.  We have been exploring my portfolio as another option with the intent to move away from the traditional paper form.  Thanks in advance 


  • annerotorua (View all users posts) 19 Jan 2015 10:10pm ()

    Our teachers all have a blog to demonstrate their evidence for Registered Teacher Criteria. We set them up at the start of 2014 and use Blogger. The thing we like about using blogs is that each teacher adds labels for each posting  - useful because often the evidence included in the posting is often relevant for more than one of the Registered Teacher Criteria. A specific label can then be selected in order to view all the postings containing evidence for that criteria. 

    Teachers have also set up extra pages in their blogs - one of these is for them to keep a record of their Professional Development and another page outlines what they have done for Teaching as Inquiry.

    We made sure that the teacher set up the blog under their personal google login - so that they retain ownership of it (ie we didn't set them up under the school Google Apps for Education account). It is important to check the settings re privacy on Blogger - most teachers at our school have added their appraiser as an author and under permissions have the blog readers setting as private to blog authors.

    It was relatively easy for us to set up blogs as teachers all have a class blog so were familiar with the layout and how to make postings.

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