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Google Docs for Teacher Appraisal/Registered Teacher Criteria - Inquiry

Started by Nix 19 Jan 2015 9:47pm () Replies (27)

Hi All,

Just wondering if anyone out there is using google docs as a form of teacher appraisal to meet the registered teacher criteria.  If anyone is willing to share the way that they or their school use it that would be greatly appreciated.  We have been exploring my portfolio as another option with the intent to move away from the traditional paper form.  Thanks in advance 


  • Corrina Bailey (View all users posts) 09 Mar 2015 12:20pm ()

    I am use Microsoft OneNote for my RTC evidence. It's great because you can basically store any piece of evidence on the OneNote folder and each folder can be sectioned to focus each of the criteria. I have highlighted the key word(s) that are the essence of each criterion and I have also include the reflective question and key indicators on each page of the folder and also how each links to Tataiako. I have found it to be an awesome (and really easy way) to store and display the evidence. I can add a document, type my reflections directly, add a sound or video file, a link to a website, a PDF or a picture onto any of the pages and it makes it so so simple to refer to the different criteria.

  • anne robertson (View all users posts) 09 Mar 2015 9:38am ()

    Just wondering if the templates here take into account the new system for registered teacher criteria and appraisal which has been introduced.  I am in a PD session now at our school.

  • Tessa Gray (View all users posts) 09 Mar 2015 11:07am ()

    Possibly not, do tell more Anne yes

  • Breda Matthews (View all users posts) 18 Feb 2015 9:19am ()

    Hi everyone,

          I have been following this conversation with some interest. I would agree that Google tools can be excellent for storing evidence and have personally I have found it useful to assist reflection on my own practice. However I do think we need to be careful not to create a monster! It is useful to read the PPTA guidelines "Appraisal using standards and criteria', available by searching on the PPTA website, on this.  It states

    "Decisions about the RTC, whether for beginning or experienced teachers, do need to be based on evidence. It is perfectly reasonable to expect teachers to reflect on evidence of the impact of their teaching on their students, including the social outcomes as well as the academic outcomes. This should be done regardless of the requirements of the RTC, as an ongoing part of every teacher’s professional practice, not just as a one-off activity for an annual appraisal interview. The RTC should be seen as linked to on-going teacher growth, and as such part of the teaching as inquiry process.

    Schools that have seen the introduction of the RTC as a requirement for teachers to gather masses of data in portfolios and complete extensive checklists of actions are demanding unnecessary work of their already overworked teachers. At the same time, some schools have, in the past, had relatively rudimentary appraisal processes which did not require teachers to focus on any evidence of the impact of their teaching on their learners. They may, as a result of the Teachers Council workshops on the RTC, be realising that they need to make their processes more robust, both in relation to the professional standards and the RTC."




  • Tessa Gray (View all users posts) 17 Feb 2015 11:10am ()

    Wow, awesome conversations here, thank you everyone for your valuable resources. It would be great to track progress over the year too - what's good, bad ugly in terms of e-portfolios for teachers.

    Here's an oldie but goodie thread on, Appraisal and your e-learning goals for 2013 | An Enabling e-Learning event with references to:

    Screenshot of Appraisal and Inquiry Google site

    Also in 2013, Enabling e-Learning ran the following webinar on how one teacher (Stephanie Thompson) reflects on their practice (RTC) via her own blog. It has been recorded for anyone to look back on,

  • Tim Thatcher (View all users posts) 17 Feb 2015 8:04am ()

    Here's the link to my portfolio. This is my third format in as many years. I've still got to add the RTC's



  • Martine (View all users posts) 02 Feb 2015 10:12pm ()

    Thanks Shaun and Sandy. I had a little play with sharing sites outside the domain. Only thing I found was even though I made my personal account an owner the site was still effectively under our school domain and when I deleted the site from our school domain my personal account no longer had access either. Fix to that was once I'd made my personal account the owner I then made a copy of the site so that it was no longer under the school domain and was simply under the regular google domain. Hardest part was trying to find a name to call the site that hadn't already been used by one of google's millions of users!

    I know about half our staff don't have personal google accounts anyway so that's something else to consider I guess :)

  • Sandy Lediard (View all users posts) 30 Jan 2015 10:15pm ()

    Hi there. We use google sites for our professional portfolios. We have set them up in personal gmail accounts outside our domain. Any relevant shared documents can be transferred to the personal account when the teacher leaves

  • Martine (View all users posts) 30 Jan 2015 9:38pm ()

    We're just in the initial stages of moving our appraisal process to sites. I'm just wanting to know if one of our teachers was to leave the school how would they take their appraisal site with them out of our GAFE domain? Would hate for them to put loads of work into a site only for it not to be transferable when they leave. Thanks 

  • Shaun Wood (View all users posts) 30 Jan 2015 9:46pm ()

    Just share the Site with their own personal Google account, then they can make that account the new owner.

  • Tim Thatcher (View all users posts) 21 Jan 2015 9:25am ()

    Here is the link to my 2014 Appraisal page. Its my third version so is a little empty at the moment. I've made all the documents public for a few days. Feel free to have a scroll through. I made this into a template for my department who will  all use it this year.




    Tim Thatcher

  • Nix (View all users posts) 21 Jan 2015 7:55am ()

    Thanks so much for everyone's feedback, resource sharing and advice.  It's given me an excellent idea where to start and I like the idea of introducing this in a way that staff are not overwhelmed. I will post again once we have something up and running so that I can also share any templates that we create. 

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