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Spirals of Inquiry - Changing Results for Young Readers: Linda Kaser and Judy Halbert

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Started by Mark Maddren 12 Jan 2015 4:07pm () Replies (1)

"We want every learner leaving our schools as curious as when they arrive". This is a great statement and I think it transfers nicely across to the teaching profession especially for Teaching as Inquiry - "we want our teachers to be as curious about students learning as when they began"

Linda talks of a goal of Inquiry being curiosity driven, so our learning is not data driven but curiosity pulled.

She also talks of another goal of "Every learner crossing the stage with Dignity, Purpose and Options" when they finish their schooling.

In this presentation about the Spiral of Inquiry, Linda Kaser and Judy Halbert explore how to change results for young readers through a "Spiral of Inquiry." The Spiral of Inquiry poses questions such as: What's going on for our learners? How do we know? Why does this matter?  - Source - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-0dTjnzUTs&feature=youtu.be


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