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LIVE Webinar: e-Learning tools in Literacy - writing using digital tools

Yesterday (3 Dec, 2014) we were lucky enough to have Jill Hammonds join Enabling e-Learning, to share ways in which digital tools can ignite, support and extend literacy skills - for all writers, including those with special learning needs and abilities. 

Prior to the webinar, attendees indicated what they were most interested in.

Literacy requests

Jill didn't disappoint.

Jill talked about the importance of starting with clear learning intentions based on evidence gathered and then shared how a variety of e-tools can help meet the and extend the literacy needs - from juniors through to older writers. Jill also touched on ideas to motivate deaf and hearing impaired students.

Jill has added the link to the writing assessment rubric since the webinar so you can access the full presentation with links and additional notes here.

You can also access the actual recording here >>>

Feel free to add any more ideas or experiences of your own - where students are motivated and supported to help accelerate their achievement in literacy through the use of e-tools.



  • crus021 (View all users posts) 01 Feb 2016 9:42pm ()

    This has been incredibly interesting and useful to read through, thank you. I am continually on the search for ways to engage my students in writing using digital tools. One of my latest successes in class, albeit simple in nature, was to implement a routine involving students working on all aspects of their writing on Google Docs, including warm-ups, drafts, final copies etc, and having whanau comment and/or make suggestions at least once a week on any of those pieces of writing. It really connected their parents and beyond to what they were doing in school, and it saw pretty much ll of my students become more motivated to produce better quality work - more effort and passion shone through!

  • Tessa Gray (View all users posts) 02 Feb 2016 12:46pm ()

    Hi there Crus021, thank you for sharing this insight into your classroom using Google Docs. Collaboration is definitely a key educational trend and an important part of designing deeper learning experiences. I'm not sure there is anything simple about this process and I know there are plenty more people interested in how you've gone about using Google Docs to enhance the writing process. For example, I'd love to know more about:

    1. Your routines? Are students grouped with similar need/content/skills or buddied with mentors etc?
    2. How do they know what to write in a shared Doc - ie, do you have expectations shared somewhere (on the board or in the Docs)?
    3. How do you get your parents/whānau involved - this can be tricky too! Do the students take home their links to share and do parents leave comments?

    Hope this is ok? Would love to know the nitty grittys!


  • Lynne Silcock (View all users posts) 04 Feb 2016 1:47pm ()

    Hi crus021

    From rather a different lens but you might be interested in this webinar from the many done for Connected Educator month in October last year where we looked at some literacy support tools in all operating systems (including GAFE):

     - Using technology to provide literacy support



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