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Google Sites e-portfolios for Secondary School Seniors

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Started by Tim Thatcher 04 Dec 2014 9:07am () Replies (4)



Has anyone used Google Sites for e-portfolios for NCEA internals assesments. We are trying this next year and are a little unsure about archiving the sites for moderation. So far we have thought about getting students to make a copy of their site then sharing it with their teacher. the teacher then takes ownership of the copy. however with embedding google docs into the site the teacher would then need the copy to be linked to a copy of the google docs.


Does anyone have an idea of how to archive Google Sites for NCEA moderation.




Tim Thatcher

Napier Girls High School


  • Mark Callagher (View all users posts) 04 Dec 2014 11:48am ()

    Hi Tim,

    We have not used Google Sites yet but are looking at doing the same for Geography Internals Level 1.

    Having used Google Sites extensively I do know that you can have multiple Site Owners so you would not need to have the student create a copy, they would just need to share the original to the teacher and add the teacher as an owner.

    If you want to create an archive later, you could just create a copy of all of the sites as a teacher. Hope that is useful information.

  • Patrick Dunford (View all users posts) 04 Dec 2014 7:53pm ()

    Any administrator in your domain is automatically made an owner of every site in the domain. You can therefore copy the site to somewhere at any time. There is still going to be an issue with embedded documents however.

  • dorothyjburt (View all users posts) 07 Dec 2014 9:28am ()

    Hi Tim


    I recommend you take time to investigate the work of Karen Ferguson at Tamaki College.

    On this blog post she embeds a Thinglink with links to her year of Inquiry via MIT14.


    You will hear/ read/ view Karen's voice and her learners around how NZQA have accepted their G Sites this year in NCEA.




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