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HP Stream

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Started by Lynne Crowe 03 Dec 2014 8:18pm () Replies (3)

Has anyone got any experience with HP Stream - 4 gb Ram . 32 gb hardrive - they save to the cloud. Apparently similar to chromebboks but have windows. Much the same price as a chromebook. Available from Warehouse Stationery for $450. I'm interested in their comparison to a chromebook - start up sped etc.


  • Hamish McLean (View all users posts) 03 Dec 2014 8:45pm ()

    I posted briefly on someone elses post regarding this device.  I was quite negative as it didn't seem like it could do what a windows device should.    I've done a bit of research and my feelings haven't changed.  

    But...  thats because we are a GAFE school, so the device would not suit us at all.    If you are a 360 school, then it would be the better choice.  

    ... I'm gonna go on a rant now... so you may want to stop reading...


    because despite office 365 and google docs offering essentially a similar word processing product, it goes way beyond that.  Google offer a collaborative tool with add ons that have so much potential and really cash into educations modern learning.  I don't feel MS office 365 does that.  Its still just a word processing tool where different users can write at the same time.  There isn't as much depth as google offers in their platform.  So if I were to go into a brand new school and had the choice of product paid for for all students... the choice would 99.99% be a chromebook and GAFE platform. 

  • Lynne Crowe (View all users posts) 03 Dec 2014 9:04pm ()

    Thanks for the honesty! We are a GAFE school so chromebooks still seems to be option for school purchasing anyway! Obviously parents have a range of options.


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