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Chromebook vs Ipads

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Started by Kate Crawford 02 Dec 2014 1:15pm () Replies (37)

Kia Ora Koutou

We are in the process of purchasing new devices for our Year 7/8 classes for 2015.

I am wanting to know what peoples views/experiences are with using either Chromebooks or ipads?

What are the advantages/disadvantages of using them.

Kia ora ano


  • Louise (View all users posts) 02 Dec 2014 6:41pm ()

    Hi, Kate.

    I have been using IPads with my Year 7/8 class and they are great, but like all things have their limitations. there are some amazing apps that you can access via I pads, and the ease of getting to them to use are very efficient for maximum learning.

    However, their are also excellent GAFE which have equivalent , more and free apps for education. So, it would be up to how you wanted to use the equipment. Sometimes, the Year 7/8 are more capable using chrome books, and IPads can be more useful in junior school. 

    Good luck with your purchases, can't really go wrong if you are willing to put the effort in to use them to their full potential.

  • GavinH (View all users posts) 02 Dec 2014 8:25pm ()

    Hi Kate

    We have been using a combination of ipads and chromebooks in our Year 5 class. It works really well in that we can do mobile learning with the ipads - outside more practical and our processing from our chromebooks. We are not 1:1  we have 10 chromebooks and 4 ipads  and this works out to a 1:2 ratio and the students are fine with using either. There are times when I wish we had more ipads and visa versa. 

    Enjoy your shopping. Its what you want to use them for that you have to think about.




  • Anjela Webster (View all users posts) 03 Dec 2014 9:58am ()

    HI Kate


    We are a Y1-8 school and it would seem that the decision relates to the experience and direction of the teachers.  We don't have Chrome books but our senior school use Google apps heavily in their programme.  It can cancel out some of the creativity that is afforded with certain apps on an iPad. However, some of the very good apps are also available online on websites, so can be accessed via any pc/mac such as Haiku Deck. 

    The ease and mobility of an ipad is another plus ... and specialist classes also are able to have students bring their devices along to their classes, and not need much table/desk space if it is an ipad.  


    A range of both is probably desirable..... 





  • Allanah King (View all users posts) 03 Dec 2014 10:23pm ()

    You might like to read this article

    Why we are misunderstanding the Chrome vs iPad debate.


  • Hamish McLean (View all users posts) 03 Dec 2014 10:34pm ()

    This article has aspects of iOS code that the author doesn't understand.   Apple has not, and will not change their security of internet access.   I used to make apps for iOS, and have moved onto ROM's for android.  Every single bowser you download on an iOS device runs safari underneath.  So its based in HTML4 and java.  (obviously not flash but thats a while nother story)

    So chrome on iOS wont run extensions because its not really chrome.  Its a themed safari.  The author is talking about hardware vs hardware, and thats really not the issue here.  iPads have their place, and so do clamshell devices like laptops/chromebooks.  

    The debate comes down to modern teaching and learning (can we just call it learning, because seriously.. who wants to teach in a classroom full of desks, run by bell, governed by knowledge) What ever device will enhance learning is a winner.....  each school will be different.   its not a competition, is simple teaching and learning...  


    rant over  : )

  • Allanah King (View all users posts) 03 Dec 2014 10:56pm ()

    It's good to have a wee rant every now and then to let it go. ;-)

    Not having Flash never bothered me anyway. Did you see what I did there?

    I think the author was referring to apps like Docs and Sheets and Slides.

    Agreed- we don't want to travel back to old ways but moving forward isn't a straight path without mis-directs and pitfalls.

    The trick is to know what is the best device (path) for your learners. 

    It is hard to make those kind of decisions on your own when you are not familiar with all of your options.

    That's where forums like this can be so valuable.

  • Hamish McLean (View all users posts) 03 Dec 2014 11:00pm ()

    LOL...  funny!

    Elsa... do you want to build some code?   ; )

    Yeah really love forums bring ed minds together to make informed choices.  Instead of us all making our own mistakes and learning the hard way.

  • annerotorua (View all users posts) 04 Dec 2014 7:23am ()

    Thanks to all those contributing to the discussions. There are probably many like me  - watching the posts and learning heaps from them. Really appreciate and value the posts from our regular contributors - thank you in particular Hamish and Allanah for helping us to be ongoing learners.

  • Patrick Dunford (View all users posts) 04 Dec 2014 9:26am ()

    The question of the ipad/chromebook is why people are fixated on Ipad tablets, why doesn't Android get a look in.

  • Hamish McLean (View all users posts) 04 Dec 2014 1:19pm ()

    I prefer Android as the platform, and how to manage multiple devices as well as customising ROM's for each school.  However because iPads were the early adopters, developers started on this framework.  So more educational apps..   However android has, and is gaining more traction, and I believe will take over.   Reason for that train of thought is that the ecosystem is open.  Less restrictions imposed so conclusive to a developer friendly environment.

  • Shane (View all users posts) 04 Dec 2014 1:01pm ()

    I'm going with Hamish on this and having a bob each way. This is like asking which car is better - a BMW or a Ferrari? Without knowing the buyers budget, how it will be used (city or country), parts, servicing costs . . . hopefully you get the picture. It's not the right question. Depending on the purpose, each device has its place.

    @ Allanah: I had a read of the link on the misunderstanding of the ipad/chromebook debate. Then I took some time to 'chill'. I'm uncomfortable with the persuasive language techniques used by the writer.

    Emotive language is used to frame the debate in ways that cast the Ipad as progressive and forward focussed and the Chromebooks as regressive and 'business as usual.' This then justifies the conclusion of the Ipad as being the only sensible answer to the debate. 

    I get frustrated when I hear that same emotive language being parroted by the people making decisions on how the money is being spent. Am I the only one bothered by this?



  • Hamish McLean (View all users posts) 04 Dec 2014 1:14pm ()

    I agree Shane.  Can I use that as an excuse for getting on the rant waggon?  I will none the less. 

    We can all use emotion to convince others of our point of view, while not having any real facts.  Happens in school to unfortunately.  


  • Allanah King (View all users posts) 04 Dec 2014 1:23pm ()

    @shane It was written as opinion piece and strangely I didn't read anything particularly emotive in the writing. What I was trying to do is point to all sides of the discussion- by 'pushing the edges' a little we get to think more deeply about the issue and what we believe- not talking to the echo chamber of those who also agree with us.

    Some think that Chromebooks lead to text based learning whereas iPads can be more mobile and 'friendly' for learners whose strengths do not lie with text and keyboards.

    For me I wouldn't be an exclusive 'one or the other' decision but it does need to be a reasoned decision.

    @patrick Why indeed do Androids not get a look in? I know some schools that do great things with their Android tablets.

    Why then should we not throw Surface Tablets in to the mix?

    The waters then get very muddied but @Kate did ask about Chromebooks and iPads ;-)

    By linking to the opinion piece I did not intend to polarise the debate but to add to it.

  • Tracey S (View all users posts) 04 Dec 2014 1:19pm ()

    I use both in my class. Each student works on their own chromebook using google docs, blog, sites, youtube-editor and google apps AND we have 2 IPADs so to help capture evidence of work i.e. video, photo, pic Collage, Educreations, Video STAR and green screen.

    Both devices have their place in learning in my class. 

  • Kate Crawford (View all users posts) 04 Dec 2014 2:44pm ()

    Kia Ora Koutou

    Thank you for all the great advice/ ideas.

  • Shane (View all users posts) 04 Dec 2014 10:36pm ()

    We use a real mix of devices. Lots of Chromebooks (we won an awesome grant from Edtech, they were brilliant), ipads (some school, some home), tablets and laptops in our BYOD environment.

    We are having working hard and using these to create, collaborate and share. I wouldn't get rid of any (except the cheap tablets and the older laptops). Our kids are learning to pick up and use the device they think is best suited for what they are trying to do.

    I think I just realised why I listen to talkback radio despite it grinding my gears. Thanks Allanah, I should also confess that I love my iphone.

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