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Started by Stephen Wood 28 Nov 2014 7:35pm () Replies (4)

Hi all

I implemented a LIP (literacy intervention program) this year with the emphasis on enthusiasm & motivation in writing across our school (with emphasis on boys Y3-8), with some success. I found that the engagement of parents in the program, at Years 5-8 seemed to have a significant impact. Surveying and gathering any hard data to back this up was unsuccessful. 

I am wanting to investigate successful two-way relationships, between home & school and the affect of these have on boy writers.

Any ideas of where to begin





  • Ed Strafford (View all users posts) 01 Dec 2014 5:35pm ()

    Hi Stephen,

    Sounds like a fascinating piece of work!

    A smart manager here in Minedu suggested you look at the Home School Partnership evaluation pages on EdCounts and at Chapter 7 of the School Leadership and Student Outcomes BES.

    Those 2 links should provide a strong set of knowledge. They focus mainly on the partnership aspect and less tightly on the boys as writers aspect. They also respond to a digital context that was less advanced than the one we are in now.

    Do other folks in this group have any leads??

  • Stephen Wood (View all users posts) 01 Dec 2014 7:24pm ()

    Thanks Ed

    Already had my hands on Successful Home-School Partnerships, chapter 7 School Leadership and Student Outcomes look good though. Thanks for that.



  • Ed Strafford (View all users posts) 02 Dec 2014 10:08am ()

    Cool! glad it looks useful Stephen.

    We've got a whole new bunch of rocking teachers and teacher advisers in the group now and if they see this post, I reckon some of them will have some very stylish thinking to add :-)

    Go well!!

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