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The final Connected Rotorua meeting for this year...

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Started by Annemarie Hyde 27 Nov 2014 6:10pm () Replies (1)

Hello everyone!

I hope you are planning to join us for our last meeting of the year - our first year - at John Paul College, 4.30pm-6pm. 

(Thanks Judith Smallbone for organising this).image

We've said educamp style - which means sharing stuff - but stop press: Tanya Gray, who runs workshops on coding and such like, is coming through and will share some fun computer science concept activities (see below).

So certainly - bring ideas to share if you like but no pressure as you can see. Something different, something to intrigue your students and yourself.  What a great way to finish the year!



So about this thing on Friday - we've got an hour and a half, right? Will probably be able to do two activities, maybe 3 if lucky.
The basic idea is that we do some "computer science concepts" activities, but not in front of computers. Hence the name "CS Unplugged". The activities are designed for use with younger children not as a means to learn programming but just as a way to explore the theories and problem solving capabilities of computer science.
Example activities I'll probably bring along:
Card Flip Magic
Figuring out which card has been flipped without seeing it happen. Demonstrates very basic error handling in data.
Binary Data
Using binary as a code language to store numbers or words. Alternative counting systems. Can do some cool artwork with this stuff too.
Harold the Robot
Writing a series of directions to guide a robot through a maze. Thinking about how to provide precise instructions. Introduces concept of algorithms. Identifying repetition and simplification of instructions.
All the activities are super fun and everyone always has a good laugh.
I'll bring everything I need, just need to know how many people to expect. Also, if there will be any of the following available:
- tables to use as work space
- magnetic whiteboard
- projector
- open floor space (or ability to move tables)
Hope that helps :)

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