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Think Time and Collaborative Learning

Think Time and Collaborative Learning

After watching this short video I have introduced more discussion time in the class which starts with ‘My own think time’ before we move onto peer or group sharing.

Thinking and Collaborative Learning You can watch this video here

UDL Support

  • Visual for “think time”
  • Providing prompts through key visuals and links to what they are “thinking/reflecting” about
  • Offering scaffolds

At the end the teacher gave options as to how they wanted to move on, building in that choice.  I’ve found it a really quick way to scan the room and identify those students who are finding part of the task challenging.  I then can quickly adapt for them or ensure they buddy with more of mentor peer who can support them.


  • Roxy Hickman (View all users posts) 01 Dec 2014 12:39pm ()

    Linda, I love how these videos can be used to link classroom practice with UDL. Think

    They offer practical tools that we may be already using to great effect in our classrooms, however I find these videos a good to watch to become mindful of why we use these tools within our own practice. 

    How do kids know how to use their "Think Time"?

    In looking at how to implement "Think Time", explicit teaching of this as a tool at the beginning of the year/term so that students are aware of the ways that they could gather their thoughts and why they have individual time and how shared conversations can extend and challenge their views. In the video I saw some students using a worksheet template, while others wrote more freely in their books. I'm sure a mindmap would likely appear here, as well as just the opportunity to sit and think.  

    I agree, it would be nice to see what prompts were given to the students for their think time and if any visuals were used in support. 

    Image Source:  Flickr Taymaz Valley




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