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Chromebook storage and charging

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Started by VickiPimenta 19 Nov 2014 7:50am () Replies (4)

Apologies if this has been asked before, 

We are looking to buy a further 48 Chromebook's at the end of this year but really don't want to spend a huge chunk of money on a storage unit, so are thinking about alternatives.

What are people doing to store and charge their Chromebook's each night? Would love to hear some interesting ideas :)


  • Miriam Tuohy (View all users posts) 27 Oct 2015 11:26am ()

    Hi there. I'm wondering whether anyone in this group is using the Tech Tub from MTA for charging/storing Chromebooks? I'm about to buy a set of 8 for our library and am hoping to find an efficient and inexpensive solution to this. Not sure if it would be able to fit 8 though?

    Have also been looking at a range of DIY alternatives - some of them are really ingenious!



  • Shane (View all users posts) 19 Nov 2014 8:25am ()

    Hi Rob,

    we ended up with 70 and are using old filing cabinets. The dividers work well to separate, and they fit well, lockable too.


    As to charging - ours are holding charge for 2 days of classroom use, so we just installed lots of powerpoints

    and let the kids charge on the fly; any that forget need to get them charged during breaks. This is working.



  • Rob Gunn (View all users posts) 19 Nov 2014 8:21am ()

    We have converted lockable filing cabinets with dividers and holes for air and power. Also the same with cupboards and put a lock on them.

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