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2014 e-Learning reflection

Reflection - Lake DunstanAs we come near the end of the school year, I thought this would be a good opportunity for us to reflect on our use of e-learning in our learning and teaching. It would be wonderful to hear a highlight of your use of e-learning in 2014—big or small—so that we can celebrate with you and possibly consider how we might do something similar in our classrooms in 2015.

You might like to share:

  • Your favourite e-learning moment from 2014
  • Your most successful use of e-learning in the classroom
  • The most inspiring e-learning article, blog, website, video, you have come across this year and how it has changed your practice (or what you plan to do with it in 2015)
  • Some other memorable e-learning experience you have had this year.

As you read through other reflections, make sure you Like or Thumbs Up posts you that have meaning for you or inspire you to do something similar next year. Or better yet, comment on them! Ask questions or for more information if you wish, or explain how you might use or adapt what someone else has done in your teaching in 2015.

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