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Anticipating how Pasifika parents think . . . what can we ask them?

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Started by Aiono Manu Faaea-Semeatu 05 Nov 2014 12:28pm () Replies (6)

Often in parent teacher evenings, we think about discussing a child's progress with the parent.

I remember when I was a student, my parents were only concerned with my behaviour at school.  The perception back then was that as long as I behaved well in class and I was respectful to my teachers, there was no cause for concern.  My parents relied on my older siblings who were also in school, to talk me through anything (i.e. reading my books for homework) and 

As teachers - do you think it would be a useful exercise to have some prepared questions on hand to share with parents, so that they can consider what types of information that they're entitled to know about their child's learning and achievement in your classroom?

Some great examples for questions that Pasifika parents could ask teachers at parent evenings:

1. How does my child learn best in your class?

2. What are some of the challenges that my child has faced learning in your class?

3. Would you like to know how my child learns at home? 

4. Can you give me practical suggestions for the type of support that I can offer as a parent?

Pasifika parents need to be able to have the right questions to ask, because they might find it difficult to ask questions.  2nd, 3rd and 4th generation Pasifika parents would have a higher level of confidence to ask questions having gone through the education system in Aotearoa themselves - but in saying that, we must be mindful about forearming Pasifika parents and parents of Pasifika learners, because 

1) they might have had negative schooling experiences themselves and 

2) they're not aware of how much input they can have as parents within the schooling system.

Please share your thoughts!


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Shifting the minds of our Pasifika parents

Shifting the minds of our Pasifika parents

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