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Started by Suzie Vesper 01 Nov 2014 11:26pm () Replies (4)

Hi all,

Wow - where did this year go? Can't believe that we in the fourth term. I imagine that we are all in the thick of report writing. We've just run some asttle tests using the online portal. Generally, I think this is helpful (particularly for teacher workload) but wondered what people thought of doing the reading online. I think it would be really helpful to be able to print off a set of the texts contained in the test so that the kids don't have to scroll up and down (especially on a slightly smaller screen like a Chromebook). What have other people's experiences been with e-asttle?


  • Katie F (View all users posts) 02 Nov 2014 10:53am ()

    Hi susie,

    I used to use easttle all the time for mths and reading online and it was fantastic. We had technical issues this year where the test won't load, or kicks the kids out half way through and then they cant log back in. Its been a nightmare. Im not sure if the fault is at our end or with easttle. I gave the kids a paper reading easttle and it went a lot smoother. It's more work for you with marking and loading scores but I found it more reliable to administer and complete the test and less time consuming to for all the kids complete.


  • Suzie Vesper (View all users posts) 02 Nov 2014 11:45pm ()

    For us, the issue wasn't reliability. We didn't get kicked off at all so I'd have to say e-asTTle was working for us. The issue more for me is that the way the text and the questions are displayed on the screen seems pretty clunky to me. You have to scroll up in down in the top half of the screen to read the text and the bottom half of the screen for the questions. While you can drag the area of each bigger or smaller, it is a bit of a hassle for the kids to navigate and I think they may have done better having the full text printed out next to them to make this a little simpler. I just wondered if anyone else felt this way too.

  • Susan Feron (View all users posts) 03 Nov 2014 9:42am ()

    Hi all,

    This year I have used easstle for maths each term and reading in feb and oct. My class have made super progress on thier star test with most children jumping 1 to 3 stanines.  Then I did the easstle test and it says half the class have gone backwards. I know they test slightly different things but it seems like a fairly big discrepancy.  I am wondering if their is a problem with the test process.  Two things i think could be an issue:

    1: I don't have students respond to texts in the question and answer format

    2.  As Suzie said the scrolling for reading the text and answering questions is awful espechially  on a small screen.


    My plan of action is to complete running records with a very comprehensive comprehension check.  If their is still a discrepancy I will print out the text and redo eassttle.  In the meantime I will train the students on question and answer responses to text.  

    Interestingly on easstle the class did ok with language features and inferential thinking. They did badly with ideas.   For ideas you have to read the text.  Also my reading responses are done on cross classification charts or de bonos pmi.   I am also wondering if the ability to select ideas is decreased because they think deeply about all the sentences.

    So great knowing others are having problems and it could be the test that is the issue.


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