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Moving towards 1:1 devices - exploring different approaches and lessons learned

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Started by Nathaniel Louwrens 29 Oct 2014 9:34am () Replies (1)

Yesterday we had the privilege of hearing about the journey that two schools, Amesbury School and Orewa College, have had towards having 1:1 devices.

Guests Lesley Murrihy, Principal of Amesbury School, and Mark Quigley, DP of Orewa College explained the different paths that each school took to get to the stage they are now.

Watch the full recording here

View the slides here:


Lesley started the session with some provocations:

She highlighted that although it was not necessarily initially the plan to go 1:1 it didn’t happen in a careless way. They had to make a lot of decisions that would influence teaching and learning before school opened. Amesbury wants to be driven by the vision of teaching and learning not by having 1:1 devices. Teaching and learning is the driver.

Watch the recording to hear the 3 lessons that they learned at Amesbury.


Mark Quigley talked about how they, at Orewa College, did a lot of planning and consulting around heading to 1:1.

He discussed how they had a range staff leading the consultation and planning stages with different parts of the school. Eg:

  • the Principal focused on PR with the community

  • another staff member had to make sure that 350 devices could connect on day 1.

Mark also talked about how the teachers and students work with the devices.

Watch the recording to find out more.


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  • Perhaps your school is already 1:1. What advice can you give? What challenges have you faced and how have you overcome them?


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